Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th January 2024 Written Update: Vaani Returns with Lost Memories

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

A woman can lose her memory, but her mother cannot forget her children, so we should not lose hope. Seeing Kunal, Vaani says Beta/son. Vandana says we’ll remind her everything, and she’ll get her memory back. Kunal says Maa and cries. He says you left us, you weren’t there, why did you come back? Is it right to leave kids crying alone? You returned after 35 years; why, can you hear me? You went, and my life got stuck.

His childhood trauma is recalled. He says I used to get angry, I was shattered, I just handled my life, family and relationships, you came back, why, you ruined everything, you’ll spoil everything again, right? Kunal shouts, “I want to know why you came back. You ruined our lives.” Vedika and Vandana stop Kunal. Kunal shouts “Answer me, why did you come back, you ruined our lives?” Vandana claims she doesn’t remember anything, she lost her memory. He says no, she just called me Beta.

The woman explains that her mother is in a bad condition, and she understands the pain of losing a parent. She urges the person not to resent their mother, who is now in their senses. She also mentions that they have been given a chance to end their suffering. Vedika embraces Vaani as Vandana reminds them not to show anger when they cannot show love. Kunal faints, causing concern for both Vandana and Vedika. Meanwhile, Sonia and Pammi are worried at home. Vaani notices Kunal’s distress and approaches him, offering to take on his sorrows without knowing who has caused him heartbreak. In turn, she leaves.

Kunal’s mood turns somber as Vedika embraces Vaani. Vandana suggests taking their mother home, to which Kunal firmly objects. Despite his protest, Vandana persists. Vaani sings a lullaby while Gaye jaa… plays in the background to lighten the mood. Kunal becomes nostalgic and sheds tears while recalling his childhood memories. Bobby expresses his love for his mother, but Pammi scolds and pulls his ear. Apologizing for losing his temper, Kunal assures her that he wants her well-being, and she forgives him. As he goes to take a selfie with her, Mrunal signals him, and Pammi watches suspiciously. Meanwhile, Bobby receives a call and Pammi senses something ominous is about to happen.

Vedika, Vandana, and Kunal bring Vaani home. As Vaani looks around, Vandana says, “I’m your bahu, Vandana, that’s my Maayka, Vandana Nivaas, and this is the Malhotra house.” Pammi drops a glass of milk. She feels terrible omens and worries. Vedika says we’ll visit our house. Vaani recalls her mother’s past. Kunal refuses to come and greet Mother.

Vandana says don’t leave Vedika alone when she gets the aarti plate. Kunal shouts no. Tara shouts Papa… Kunal and Vandana run to see. Tara says Dadi is here. Kunal greets Vaani and does her aarti. Pammi is shocked when she sees Vaani, and Kunal stumbles and falls. Vaani enters the house when she steps on his hand.


In response to Vandana’s statement, Kunal refuses to stay back. Pammi adds if anything happens to Vaani by Vandana’s name, then… Sonia concurs.

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