Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana Faces Family Turmoil

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandana checking the washroom shower. Sonia smiles, seeing her. Vandana says the shower works. Why was Sonia smiling weirdly? What’s going on? Dad has called me home. She leaves. Vijay praises her. You are like Devimaa, he says. You did a mother’s duty for Mrunal. I have seen an alliance for Mrunal. I told the guy about Mrunal’s misdeed, and he is ready to marry her now.

Despite knowing that there are good people in the world, Vandana asks how he agreed and who that guy is. Vijay says the café owner, Mahesh Pawar. Mrunal says Mahesh Bhau… Vandana asks what, Mahesh Bhau, he’s older than Mrunal. Vijay says she doesn’t care about age; she wants money, and he has a lot of money.

He scolds her. She says please, I don’t want to marry. He thinks you’ll marry Mahesh, break relations with me, throw me on the road. Vandana says he can’t force him. He asks if she will become an unwedded mother; she will ruin her child’s life as well. He says she will destroy your family, keep her away. Mrunal says give me poison, and I want to die. Anagha asks what she means. Vijay says she is right.

He asks Vandana to calm him down. She calms him down. Shivam asks Vandana to come. He asks her to give him the art box. He goes. Vandana takes the box. The other box falls. Anagha comes. Vandana gets Vani’s necklace. She asks how it came about. She scolds Anagha. It’s Vani’s necklace, everyone’s worried about it, you’ve stolen it, she says. Anagha cries and says yes, I took it, but I didn’t steal, don’t tell anyone. Vandana says I know, you fought with your father to sell the house, and you kept it. She says, “Forget about the old things. I took this necklace for the car EMI. I thought I’d return the necklace later, so take it and keep it.”

Vandana says no, Anagha says I can’t cope with Kunal’s anger, Pammi will taunt me and call the police. I beg you, keep the necklace, don’t tell them anything, forgive me, I won’t do it again. As Vandana shows Kunal the necklace, Pammi asks where she got it. Vandana replies, “I got it from Anagha.” Pammi gets angry and scolds Vandana’s family. Mrunal thinks Vandana is bearing insult because of Maika, I told her not to step here. Vandana said I’m sorry, I know this has your mum’s memory, Anagha has never done this before, I will never forgive her either.

Kunal says she will come here and apologize. Pammi says she will come here and say sorry. The necklace falls. Kunal catches it. Vedika says it would have broken had it fallen. Maa…plays.. Kunal gives it to Pammi and goes. He cries and asks why… It’s morning, Sonia asks Tara to do homework. Tara says Vandana is also me and do it with fun. She tears. Vandana stops Sonia. Sonia insults her parents.

Vandana replies. Sonia asks how to dare you. Kunal asks how to dare you, Sonia. He defends Vandana. He scolds Sonia. Vandana apologizes, she has to take Tara to the hospital for her checkup. She leaves. Kunal says if mum isn’t good, kids shatter and cry all life, and I’m a live example for you.

Kunal and Vandana are on their way. She says mum can’t leave worrying about her kids. Vaani walks in front of the car and gets struck. Vandana shouts. Kunal is shocked. Vaani falls.


He sees Vaani and cries. He leaves. He hugs Vedika and cries. He says, “Maa… she came in front of me after 35 years.” Vandana watches.

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