Mangal Lakshmi 16th March 2024 Written Episode Update: A Day of Surprises and Drama

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 16th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Karthik says he would do it for any girl. Lakshmi says I wish all men thought like you. He says no, no. He says I can drop you guys. Mangal says it’s out of your way. He says no, no, I can drop you. He books them an auto. They leave. Lakshmi tells Mangal she’s to pick up stuff from a client, so they stop on the way. Adit also arrives. Lakshmi enters the building.

It’s Adit outside the building. Kusum calls Mangal. Mangal says we’ll be there in a few minutes. Adit goes into the same building. Lakshmi approaches the elevator, but it closes. She doesn’t see Adit’s face. Lakshmi takes the other elevator. Adit comes up on the sixth floor. Lakshmi also goes there. Adit comes to Somaiya’s house. They hug. Lakshmi arrives on the same floor but does not see them.

In the morning, Somoiya makes Karthik coffee. Adit opens the door. Lakshmi’s bag drops. She picks up stuff. Adit sees her. He closes the door before Lakshmi sees her. Lakshmi rings the bell again. Somaiya asks who it is. She says Lakshmi. They’re worried. Mangal is asked to leave the auto by the driver.

In addition, Mangal enters the building. Somaiya says to leave the clothes outside, and I’ll pay you online. Lakshmi says to give cash. She says to take it tomorrow. Lakshmi says I need cash today. She says to pay today. She says I need the money because our family function is my sister’s grah pravesh.

As Mangal ascends the stairs, Somaiya discreetly hands her some money through the closed door. After receiving the cash, Mangal joins Lakshmi, and they discuss the strange behaviour of their hosts. Not bothering to open the door, they passed the money through it. Despite this oddity, Mangal suggests they leave. Downstairs, Adit notices that even Mangal has come upstairs and wonders why she is there. Somaiya responds by saying that they are being excessive and that she is saving money for a gift for his house. Adit predicts that whatever they bring will be tacky and realizes he forgot his file at home. Meanwhile, Mangal is busy packing items in the house, and Adit worries she may accidentally misplace his file.

Lakshmi and Mangal pack up the stuff. Mangal says Akshar, we must pack your toys as well. Lakshmi says to Mangal you packed Adit’s things so carefully. Adit returns home. Mangal asks if you forgot anything. She says you forgot your lunchbox. He says lunch, food, box, you can’t even think beyond that. What’s going on?

Everything is dispersed. Does she ask you what you need? Here’s your lunch. He says I don’t need it. He throws it on the table. Aditi teases boxes in anger. He says it’s all my fault I asked such stupid people to pack. What are you looking for? Mangal asks you what you are looking for. He asks. Mangal, shut up. Let me find it. You are so illiterate that you don’t know right or wrong.

She says at least tell me what you’re looking for. He says I need your brain. I can’t find my important file, which I don’t know where you kept. She says that file. Adit ji. Then he says, can you shut up? Do you even know what files are? Have you ever been to the office? Everything I packed is here. She says I kept that blue file in the back of my laptop. He says you can’t tell I’ve been searching for so long. Idiot.

Ishana and Lakshmi come out. They see everything torn. Who did this? Akshar Sas, you refused to let me open the boxes for my compass box, and now you tore them all. Lakshmi asks if you are looking for anything. Adit comes downstairs. Akshar says, “Papa, when did you arrive?”

He says I came to take my file. Adit leaves. Mangal says your lunch. She steps on the glass and falls. Lakshmi and the kids pick her up. Lakshmi asks if she’s okay. Adit doesn’t help. Karthik also comes in. He says Bhabhi. He picks her up. They all pick her up. Kusum asks who shouted. Adit says Mangal. It was the same as always. Drama.

She says yes when Kusum asks Mangal if she is okay. Mangal and Gayatri tell her to rest. Kusum asks Adit to look at her. He asks her if she is injured. No right. She says I am fine. He says no, don’t bother me. He leaves. Karthik says she’s hurt. Take her to the hospital. Lakshmi agrees with Karthik. He says I have a meeting.

Tell them you have an emergency, Karthik says. Neither you nor anyone else can handle meetings like me. No one has the same expertise that I do. My work isn’t the same as yours that anyone can replace me with. Mangal says I’m fine. Kusum says yes, we’re all with Mangal. Mangal says to take yoghurt if you have an important meeting. Somaiya calls him. He leaves.

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