Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira Faces Punishment and Armaan’s Support

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 20th February 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying it was my husband’s gift, I lost his memories due to Abhira. She shouts where were you, why weren’t you in the room. Ruhi drops the toffees pack. Armaan looks at her. I will call the pest control worker and scold him. So sorry, Abhira says. Vidya scolds her.

Abhira says I will call and ask, give me some time. Armaan says yes, call them. The girl constantly breaches our trust; Abhira goes to court, Armaan goes to the police station, and Madhav goes to the police station, but no one can stop me from punishing her. Abhira accepts the punishment. Armaan says Maa, please…

Vidya says you won’t know anything; you lost Maasa’s precious thing; I will take your precious thing, and you won’t be able to attend college or internship for two days. Armaan says don’t do this; give her some other punishment. Vidya says I said it. Call your office and tell them you won’t come for two days. Abhira calls the office.

The manager says I will call you; congratulations, everyone loved your assignment, and you will assist the boss. Abhira says I can’t come to the office for two days, can you postpone the case. It is an urgent case, if you work hard on it, you won’t get this opportunity again. She says I have the flu, and I can’t go. She disconnects. Charu receives the message… congratulations, you will assist the boss from tomorrow. She smiles.

I would have done a lot for Abhir, Manish says. Abhir comes home. He says I need to fix the room also. The vase breaks. Manish and everyone turn to see Abhir. Abhir picks up his specs and smiles. He says sorry, I’ll pick it up. Manish says Abhir,… and hugs him.

Abhir says, buddy…. He hugs Suwarna and Surekha. He says I’m fine. Manish says I can’t believe you’ve come home. Is it a dream? How’s Akshara? Abhir gets silent. Ruhi says I forgot to go to Dadi’s room, how shall I explain Abhira. Abhira shouts at her. I lost this chance due to you, she says. When I got punished, why were you silent? I didn’t realize you were such a coward.

It’s okay to put a proxy in college, not in Sasural. Abhira says you said you’d help. Ruhi says you shouldn’t have taken my help then, and girls do multitasking. Maybe you can’t. Armaan says Abhira is an expert at multi-tasking. He says she goes to college, office, and makes breakfast for everyone as well, she does gardening and studies as well.

Whenever she makes a mistake, she accepts it and gets scolded and punished, but today, it wasn’t her fault, Ruhi. You had a chance to spare her from scolding, but you missed it. It wasn’t easy for me to come here because you all left Mumma alone. Please don’t make her a relationship with you.

It is as you say, come and eat. Manish gets a call. He says I came here, nobody doubts me, they think I am the real Abhir. He talks to Abhir on the call. He ends the call and goes to eat the food. Manish holds him.

Madhav gets Abhira hot chocolate. She recalls Rohit. It reminded her of Rohit. She says she has to take it now, right? He says my team has gone to ask the pest control workers. They will get Maasa’s wall plate. You can do double duty. Abhira says the mother used to say this. It’s good that Armaan supported you. He’s starting to realize his responsibility toward you. He’s a good son and grandson, and he’ll make a good husband later.

Armaan asks if you have made a guest list. Ruhi is upset. Armaan rings the bell. She asks what you are doing. He says I am making sure your ears work. Now, we’re going to make a guest list. You know it’s your fault. He warns me not to invite Shukla ji, who arrives drunk and insists on dancing. She laughs.

Manoj and woman look at them. Manisha says she seems delighted with Armaan; there will be a lot of drama in the house; come, we will give Maasa a report. Manoj asks how you think so. She replies, “I’m right.” He says I won’t defend Armaan, he is right, when children smile, one should keep an eye on them to avoid their bad sight.

Armaan and Ruhi take the boxes. They murmur to keep the party a secret. Abhira arranges Madhav and Vidya’s date. Dadi tells Sanjay about the anniversary party. The children ask Dadi to come for dance practice. Charu is in the office, and Dadi asks where she is.

The man calls her and asks where she is. She lies. He says, “Come home quickly.” Dadi says I’ll send the car. Charu says no need, I’ll come. If you want to go, don’t forget, Abhira is unwell, so we took you on this case, so concentrate on your work. Armaan asks who Mavya is. Ruhi receives the cake.

She says Madhav and Vidya are celebrating their anniversary for the first time. Abhira thinks they will look fantastic in the leather jackets. Ruhi shows the clothes and says you get dad and I get mum, we’ll celebrate. Abhira thinks they will receive a break from housework, and they deserve it.


As Dadi and everyone wait for Madhav and Vidya, Abhira says I had planned their date. Abhira and Ruhi argue.

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