Mangal Lakshmi 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Adit’s Deal Finalized Amidst Family Tensions

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Adit says I feel everything is wrong when I come to this house. I came home to inform everyone that my deal with the foreign client had been finalized. Karthik says congrats, brother. Mangal says thank God. Let me get water. Lakshmi asks Mangal why Adit got angry. Did you go to the hospital, not a salon? Why do you tolerate so much? Before marriage, you were strong like you. Why did you become like this? I want him to stop talking.

Mangal says it’s no big deal. You’re fine. Lakshmi says everything is fine. The delivery boy comes with a case. Lakshmi says I think it’s the wrong address. He says no, he brought the case from Blue Sky. Lakshmi says we went there. Adit arrives. He says it’s in Adit’s name. Adit is surprised. He says sir, you ordered it at the restaurant. Adit takes the case and asks him to go. He says he forgot I ordered it. Lakshmi finds the recipient.

Seeing the cake, Akshar says it is for me. Karthik says it is for a particular person. Is this for Mangal? Like you got flowers that day? Adit says I told him to write for specific people, but they wrote to people. Adit says I got it because I got the contract today. Lakshmi asks where she is.

The delivery boy says he delivered the cake on call. Lakshmi stops him and pays him his fees. I saw him with another girl at the restaurant; his wife was someone else. The sir denied ordering the cake, looking scared. Gayatri says to Karthik let’s go home. Lakshmi stops him and pays him his fees.

The rider says Adit sir ordered the cake. Lakshmi asks the rider who were you talking about? He says he helped Mangal bring the plates. There was another woman. Adit comes over and asks Lakshmi what’s going on here. Everyone has been looking for you. The driver is asked to leave.

Lakshmi says he dropped his tip, and I returned to return it. The kids cheer for Mangal. Adit says yeah, cut it. Mangal asks why me? Karthik says you’re the most special. You do so much for everyone. He says you take care of everyone. You’re such a great mom. Moms are the best. Mangal is about to cut the cake.

Adit holds her hand and stops her. He tells her the cake is for my office celebration. Someone else worked on it, and someone else got the credit. My office colleague helped me, and Mangal was going to cut it. She has nothing to do with my office. She is so immature. Karthik says she supports you so much. She is expected, Adit says. She’s too special to lose.

Mangal says it’s okay, the kids ask. Adit says no, you act like a great woman, but I know your reality. You always act so innocent. She’s pretending here while eating outside. Did you ask my mom to pack all this for you? Have some shame? Mom was distraught. Kusum says I didn’t pack. Adit ordered the packers, and they did everything. Karthik says I called.

The process was so easy. We should have gotten it earlier. Gayatri says Karthik has a big heart. Kusum says that he took Mangal to the hospital as well. Adit says that you didn’t have to do this. But.. Karthik says, but… Adit shouts: Shut up, Karthik. Is it fair for you to interfere in my family’s affairs? Who asked you to call the Packers? Karthik asks, am I an outsider? Adit asks if I am involved in your matters. He says I just called the Packers.

My family is so important to me, so can you prove I cannot care for them? I understand all your plans. I say that’s not true. Adit tells you not to interfere in my affairs again. He says everyone crosses limits here. Lakshmi says we’re all family. Adit asks you if you’re family, as well. You keep questioning me. I warn you both to stay away from my affairs. Gayatri says we won’t come here if you have so many problems. Adit says I told them the problem I had. I didn’t want to say all this, but Karthik forced me to.

Mangal says you’re getting him wrong. Adit says she’s here to defend him. Because he’s a star? Why took his favour? Kusum says stop it. Karthik says wait. It’s not her fault. She didn’t know I called the Packers. She wanted to go home to pack. She came here to find out I had called them already. She was in pain. It wasn’t her fault.

Adit claps. He says such a sweet family with such sweet relations. It’s a hum sath sath hain movie. Everyone hides the other person’s fault. I’m the only one evil and alone because I am not a star and not a drama. Lakshmi says but… Mangal stops Lakshmi. Adit says no, speak what you want. Why do you remain silent? Lakshmi says nothing. Adit says to say that Karthik is right. Lakshmi is silent.

Adit pays Karthik, and he asks what he’s doing. Adit explains that he needs extra money and asks for more. Kusum interrupts and tells him to stop. Adit insists on repaying, but Kusum reminds him that Karthik is family. Adit quickly responds by telling Kusum not to interfere, claiming he has the right to make his own decisions. Kusum retorts that Adit can’t act without considering the impact it will have on everyone. She questions if he would treat her the same way and pay her for raising him. Feeling ashamed of his actions, Adit admits he has the right to object to things he doesn’t like but takes full responsibility for his mistakes. He thanks Karthik, acknowledging that what he did was right, and compares himself unfavourably, wishing he could be more like him.

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