Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th January 2024 Written Update: Vaani’s Memories Resurface, Family Secrets at Risk

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Vaani embracing Kunal, who then departs in tears. Tara reassures Dadi that her return home will aid in her recovery. Vedika confirms that their mother is indeed alive. Pammi puts on an act and expresses her delight at the surprise. She decides to inform Kuldeep of Vaani’s return. However, Vedika intervenes and warns her not to contact their father, or else she will reveal the truth about her and Kuldeep’s deception to Kunal. As Vedika leaves, Pammi is conflicted about whether or not to tell Kuldeep the truth about Vaani’s condition. Meanwhile, Kunal sits in his car and lets out a scream.

Vaani’s bangle causes Kunal to cry. He recalls Vaani’s words and says I want to leave Mum, but I must go far away. Vaani sees Vandana’s house and gets flashbacks of the past. She says that violin sounds. She says come with me. She takes Vaani with her. Kunal packs his bag.

Don’t go anywhere, Vandana says. Don’t become his wife. She says you become a son. He says you can’t understand. She explains to him. He asks her to give the bangle to Vaani. According to him, she said she would give it to her bahu, keep it if you liked it, and take care of Tara. As she says, fate won’t change if you turn away and leave. Fate will bring you back. Kunal sees Vandana and is sad.

Kunal says I’m leaving. Sonia says I’ve thought Vaani died, how did she get alive? Kunal shouts at Sonia. He leaves. Vandana runs after him. Vaani has returned. Yes, Pammi says, Mrunal is already here. We need to do something about Vaani, Mrunal and Vandana. I have an idea, Kunal got angry after hearing about Vaani’s death, if anything happens to Vaani by Vandana’s hand, then… Sonia says the idea is good. Pammi says it will be a big dhamaka.

They rush to find Vaani. Vandana says I thought Vaani was sleeping, and she isn’t here. Vedika asked what happened. Vandana says Vaani is sleeping. Vaani sees Vandana’s house. Vandana asks what you’re seeing. Vaani says Vandana Nivaas. Vandana says it’s my Maayka, and I’ll take you there later. She takes Vaani home. Tara says I’m your granddaughter.

Vandana says your name is Vaani. Pammi and Sonia look on as Vedika asks who your son is. Vaani says I don’t remember anything, why, I had my family and kids. It’s okay. Vaani cries. Vedika says don’t worry. Vaani says we sometimes forget things, but the heart never forgets. She asks if Kunal is my son. Vandana nods.

She cries, asking why he went, if it was love, he went far. Vandana comforts her. Tara gets scared. Vandana asks her to play in her room. Sonia asks Pammi to do something. Pammi says I am observing. She says she’ll get you to meet your family, I’m your Nanand and Kuldeep is your husband. Vaani runs and screams when she sees Kuldeep’s picture on the television.

Vedika and Vandana try to calm her down. The former turns off the TV and directs her anger towards Pammi. She immediately calls for the doctor’s help. Pammi inquires if Vedika remembers anything after seeing her husband, to which Vaani replies that she does not recall anything. Overwhelmed with emotions, she embraces Vandana and breaks down in tears. Pammi then converses with Kaveri, while Dadi invites Pammi and the others to the upcoming Makar Sankranti celebration. In response, Pammi agrees to attend and adds that Vedika must accompany her to Kaveri’s house, leaving Vandana behind. Vedika has reservations about this and states that she will stay back while Vandana, Kunal’s wife, will go instead as she must be present.


Kunal talks to Vandana on a video call. She shows him, Vaani and Tara. He smiles. Tu jo mila…plays…

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