Udne Ki Aasha 31st March 2024 Written Episode: Renu’s Insults & Sayali’s Determination

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Renu teases Shubha about the poor family and locality, taunting her. Juhi makes Sayali ready and jokes. Shubha introduces her family. Renu insults them. Paresh feels bad. He says we will talk later and meet Sayali now. Shubha calls Sayali. Shakuntala tells Renu not to be overly clever to Sayali. As soon as Shubha sees Sayali, she becomes emotional. She asks Juhi to get her.

Sayali interacts with everyone, offering them tea and exchanging greetings with the elders. Paresh insists that Sayali join their group while Renu inquires about her educational background. Sayali humbly shares that she has completed 12th grade. Renu then admires Tejas, while Paresh defends her against any possible criticism. He recalls mentioning Sayali’s positive values to Renu, who warmly accepted the proposal. Meanwhile, Renu turns to Shubha and asks her thoughts on the upcoming wedding festivities. Paresh proudly mentions that they plan to give their daughter gold jewellery as a gift. However, Renu questions what Tejas and his family will receive in return. Paresh reveals that they have offered Rs 25,000 towards Tejas’ suit.

He says they will give everything, don’t worry, but they have to control expenses. Renu taunts them. Paresh asks for a calendar. Choosing a wedding date, he asks everyone if they are okay with it. Sayali says the elders decide. Tejas thinks it will happen as you want. You will start your business before you marry. Paresh asks Sayali to go with him to speak to him.

Shubha reassures everyone that it’s alright, but what topic will she discuss? Sayali disagrees, saying she wants to have a conversation, but there’s no need to leave the house. Paresh suggests that they go out and talk. Just then, the landlord arrives and commends Sayali and Tejas’ compatibility. Renu remarks that Paresh has sorted everything out. Sayali mentions that things are progressing quickly, but she agrees for the sake of their elders. Tejas silently thanked his lucky stars that she accepted the marriage proposal. Sayali turns to him and asks if he has something to say. He responds with a negative and asks her to speak first. She explained that it was her father’s wish, and she had taken on the responsibility of the house. He inquires about her plans for the future.

The woman wants to continue supporting her family until her siblings become self-sufficient. Her partner reassures her by saying she can work for as long as she wants. Grateful, she thanks him. He adds that he doesn’t want anything in return. They then return to where Renu and Shakuntala are waiting for them. Kishor inquires if Tejas likes the girl, to which he nods in agreement, followed by Sayali. The group shares a smile before Paresh takes charge of the rituals. He asks Shubha to carry out the final ritual on Alok’s behalf, and once it is completed, everyone departs. Before leaving, Paresh assured Shubha that he would take care of all the arrangements for the wedding, and she thanked him again.

He says I’m just doing my duty. He leaves. Renu comes home and gets angry. Shakuntala asks what happened. Renu says Paresh is mad, and the family is poor. The rich girl has stolen my son, so you must get Sayali home and control her. Tejas looks at him. You’re lucky to have such a good wife, Shakuntala says. Renu says Sachin is just Paresh’s son, and I can’t control him.

Shakuntala says you will get a maid free of charge, so be happy. Renu says that is true, but we must take care since they are poor. Shakuntala says do whatever I say, make Sayali your slave, so that the other two bahus get scared of you. Tejas goes to take a call. Juhi asks how you liked Tejas. Sayali says she is happy because she is marrying for the family’s sake.


Sayali worries when Renu demands 1 lakh for Tejas’ clothes and shagun.

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