Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th December 2023 Written Episode: Kunal and Vandana’s Engagement Ceremony Brings Joy and Sorrow!

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kunal dialing Vandana’s number. Tara then interrupts by taking the phone and requesting Vandana arrive soon. With a confirmation from Vandana that she will be coming shortly, Kunal worries about how Vandana might feel without her father’s presence. He then meets Vijay, and despite their differences, Kunal pleads for his blessings for the upcoming union with Vandana. Meanwhile, Pammi eavesdrops and takes a picture to send to Kuldeep. As Vijay sheds tears and gives his blessings, he acknowledges his lack of faith in Kunal but promises to pray for their happiness. With a final request not to expect too much from him, he walks away.

Kunal leads Vandana while Vijay sheds tears. The onlookers beam at Vandana as she enters, and Tara announces their engagement with a warm welcome. Bobby adds his playful comment, “Hashtag Kuvan!” to the happy occasion. As the couple is showered with flowers, they exchange joyful glances. Pammi mentions that Vijay was not present at the engagement, but Kunal assures that he will attend the wedding. Tara invites them to sit as she performs their aarti. Guneet makes a humorous remark, and Atya blesses Kunal and Vandana. Meanwhile, Pammi remembers forgetting to pray for them and quickly leaves to fulfill her promise. She meets Kuldeep and expresses her pleasure at seeing him there before embracing him in a hug.

Kunal compliments Vandana’s appearance, and she graciously returns the compliment. He points out that her bangles don’t match her outfit. She responds by saying that whether things match in the heart matters. Impressed, he exclaims, “Wow.” Hemant predicts a lavish wedding for Vandana and work opportunities for them. Anagha remarks on Kunal’s shyness and his connection with Vandana. Guneet asks if she should speak to Vijay. Atya reveals that he has given his blessings to the couple. Vedika comments on how people can change when their hearts truly desire it, just like their father did. Upon seeing a photo, Kuldeep becomes angry and declares his hatred for Vijay, who had previously forced his son to beg for assistance. He vows never to forget his enemies and calls Vijay his long-standing adversary.

Kunal needs to know Vijay is your enemy. Vijay backstabbed your trust, says Pammi. Kuldeep says no, fate has given us a chance to avenge us. I started planning this when you showed me that video. Pammi showed him Tara, Vandana, and Vijay during the video call. Vijay shocks him and recalls the past. Pammi says Vijay is Vandana’s father. Kuldeep says someone from the past has appeared.

Kuldeep approved of Kunal and Vandana’s marriage upon seeing Vijay. He also agreed to sabotage Vijay, seeking revenge. Kuldeep wanted Vijay to be invited to all the functions to get him attached. During the final phera, he plans to ignite the fire and have Kunal end the marriage while Vijay begs for forgiveness. Pammi praised Kuldeep’s cunning plan, who insisted on keeping it a secret. As Pammi stepped out after receiving Guneet’s call, Vandana felt dejected. However, Kunal comforted her by holding her hand and giving her a paper rose.


In front of Sonia, Tara gives Vandana’s hand to Kunal. Kunal and Vandana get engaged.

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