Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kuldeep’s Surprising Decision

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 10th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the video call, Kuldeep sees Tara for the first time and pretends to accept her joyfully. In addition to showing off his love for Tara, Kuldeep also embraces Vandana with kind words. The fake Kuldeep pretends to be loving and makes Vandana believe he has a clean heart. Kuldeep apologizes for his obstinate behavior in the past, and both Vandana and Kunal have a bright future together.

She becomes emotional as her father embraces her with love. Kuldeep asks Vedika to take care of Vandana and Tara since he cannot be there to do everything.

Then Kuldeep opens the trap and invites Kunal to London, where he has a lot of work to do. Although Vandana does not want Kunal to go to London, Kunal promises his father he will be there soon. Kunal apologizes later for not discussing the matter with Vandana. Vandana clarifies that Kunal has to make his own decisions without consulting her.

Mrunal expresses her sincerest apologies to Vandana and humbly asks for her forgiveness. Despite pretending to feel remorseful, Mrunal continues to plead with Vandana multiple times, but unfortunately, Vandana feels betrayed by her sister. Vandana confronts her sister to remind Mrunal of all the kindness she has shown her over the years. Visibly distressed and tearful, Mrunal puts on a facade of deep regret. Despite knowing that Vandana and Vaibhav may never forgive her, Mrunal persists in asking for forgiveness. Finally, after much pleading, Vandana grants Mrunal permission to live in her home again.

As Kunal’s choice is warmly accepted by Kuldeep, Vedika and Indranil both get emotional. They both feel relieved to think Tara will positively impact Kuldeep. As all the ice between them has melted, both sides feel relieved. Vedika, however, continues to doubt her father since she knows he will not change so quickly.

Kunal bids Tara and Vandana goodbye the following day. Tara says she will miss him very much. Kunal asks Vandana to take care of herself. Both Vandana and Kunal feel bad but don’t express that much. Kunal accepts that maybe he is feeling better because of Vandana. Kunal then goes to the airport.


After six months, Vandana returns to Mumbai and hopes they will be reunited soon. As she goes to the airport, Vaibhav wants to speak to her forcefully. Pammi devises a plan to break Kunal and Vandana’s marriage.

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