Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st December 2023 Written Update: Kunal’s Proposal Shocks Vandana

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens with Vandana entering Kunal’s cabin. She reassures him that Tara is doing well and he shouldn’t worry. He gestures for her to take a seat and offers her a glass of water, which she gratefully accepts. Sensing his tension, she encourages him to open up about any problems he may face. However, instead of sharing his concerns, he surprises her by asking for her hand in marriage. Shocked by his sudden proposal, Vandana takes a moment to compose herself. Kunal tries to calm her down and invites her to sit as he explains the reason behind his request. He urges her to listen to him with an open mind and understand the purpose behind his words.

In court, Tara expressed her desire to reside with you. It seems like the ideal solution, but how can we make this a reality when you are not a relative? Sonia will most likely request custody of Tara, and we both know her and her pride. Just imagine what would happen if Tara were placed in her care. I am not the best father. This thought brings tears to my eyes. And although I am aware that the court may not grant me custody, I am determined to become the best father possible. The only way for this to happen is if we marry each other to satisfy the court’s requirements and have Tara live with you. Together, we can provide Tara with the love of two parents. That is why I suggested we get married – not for our own sake, but for the sake of being Tara’s parents.

I know all that has happened with Vaibhav, and I don’t mean to sound selfish. My only intention is for Tara’s well-being. We care deeply for her, and I am simply proposing a marriage between us as a solution. I understand that I have already been married to Sonia, and I know it will result in a lifetime of suffering for me. The thought of becoming a husband again is too daunting for me, as I am still dealing with my brokenness. It’s not something I believe I am capable of, especially when it comes to love. Please don’t mistake my proposal for any false hope. All I want is to be an excellent father to Tara, not your husband. You are well aware of all my issues, including my struggles with drinking and anger management. But these are just a part of who I am – someone who puts their whole heart into everything they do, whether it was loving Sonia or now Tara. Losing her is something I cannot bear, especially when my father means everything to me, and he constantly stays disappointed with me. My sole purpose now is to make Kanak Records a big success, and nothing else matters more than that to me.

My sister, Vedika, has always been like a mother figure to me. Parisa is my responsibility, and I will certainly take care of her when I can take care of myself. However, if I lose Tara, I won’t be able to fulfill anyone’s needs. While I may not be able to do much for you, I can confidently say that I am great at cooking. Please understand that this is not a sales pitch; it is my sincere assurance. Before you agree to this marriage proposal, you must get to know me better. Please don’t mistake my request as me going down on my knees and professing my love for you. The truth is, I do not have romantic feelings for myself; instead, I am asking you to marry me to become Tara’s mother. Vandana remembers the advice given by Vaibhav and Sonia as Kunal continues speaking. He assures her there is no pressure and apologizes for any discomfort he may have caused her with his proposal. He swears that he won’t feel hurt if she declines his offer and asks her to take her time to decide – whether it’s a yes or a no.

At home, Vijay shouts how dare he propose to you for marriage. He says I know Tara is young, we worry about her, how did he think of this, rich men are selfish. Aaji explains to him. Kunal, Vandana, and Tara can remain happy together. Vijay says he is saying this because he needs Vandana since she isn’t anything. Vandana might have given him a solid answer and said no, right? She stands silent as she explains. “I cannot let Tara go away from me, and I can never become a mother.”

Vijay expresses concern, stating that he believes you have lost your sanity. He reassures you that he has always supported you and reminds you of how you chose Vaibhav before, but the marriage failed, and you returned. He acknowledges it was not your fault but insists that he cannot allow you to marry Kunal as he is capable of anything. Mrunal overhears their conversation. Vijay remarks that what he wants in a wife is not just a caretaker but someone who can help him raise his child. He suggests that you should instead hire a nanny and focus on settling down rather than getting married. Vandana imagines her daughter Tara leaving her side. Vaibhav accuses you of leaving him because of your affair with Kunal, commenting on how quickly you moved on without even having finalized your divorce. Hemant, Mrunal, Anagha, Sonia, and Inder also make snide remarks about you. In her dreamlike state, Sonia appears to take Tara away from her mother’s embrace forcefully. Vandana wakes up from her thoughts with “Kaun Mera” playing in the background…


My dad is marrying my Vandana mimi. Tara says I need your support. Vandana says I’m with Tara, don’t worry. She comes to see Vandana and says I have to call you mumma. She hugs Vandana and asks Vijay to break up with him if she wants to marry Kunal.

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