Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st December 2023 Written Episode: Armaan Struggles with His Choices

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The episode begins with Suwarna questioning Ruhi about her engagement to Rohit, who is Armaan’s brother. She recalls Abhi and Akshara and expresses her concern about history repeating itself. However, Armaan assures her he will not make the same mistakes his father did. He promises to become a deserving son and grandson and ensure that this family does not experience any more sorrow because of him. Even though he has caused Ruhi pain and sadness, he believes Rohit will give her all the love she deserves, eventually making her forget him like a bad dream.

I’ll tell Rohit how much I love Armaan if Armaan doesn’t know him. Abhira hugs Abhinav and takes his pic. She says I’ll give everything to my mother. They watch a shooting star from the window and make wishes. Everyone practices dance. Rohit says you’re not doing it well, and I’m helping you. Madhav says I’m hurt, I can’t do this, I’m tired. He sits. Vidya gives him water. Dadi smiles. Rohit asks where Armaan is. Sanjay jokes.

Rohit enlists Kiara’s help to teach him some new dance moves. As they begin to practice, Armaan arrives. Rohit eagerly invites him to join in, but Armaan declines, citing a busy schedule and a leg injury. Undeterred, Rohit insists that he should still join in the fun. Eventually, everyone starts dancing to “Ziddi hai,” and Armaan can’t help but smile as they dance around him. He then embraces Rohit and desires to attend his sangeet ceremony and dance until the music stops. Dadi interjects, asking about Yuvraj’s case, and Sanjay assures her that hope remains.

Akshara and Abhira are driving when the driver mentions that Mussoorie will miss them. Abhira agrees, saying they will also miss it. Akshara receives a call from Kipling, apologizing and thanking them for their support and love before the car comes to a stop. They notice a band performing in the street. Annoyed by the noise, Akshara steps out of the car and asks to stop it. Abhira joins her, asking who is responsible for this disturbance. Yuvraj reveals himself as the one behind it all, dressed as the groom on top of his decorated jeep with a “Yuvraj weds Abhira” sign. He asks if they missed him, calling Akshara “baby.”

In the sangeet, Akshara shouts at Abhira. He says they are all dancing, will you file a case against me and send me to jail, wait, you have already done this, what did you get by wasting time, a handsome and loving son in law. Akshara goes to him. He signs her to come. The men have guns and ropes in their pockets. She thinks he is trapping my mom. She runs up to Akshara, who stops her. She says, “Don’t say anything, run.”

Akshara assures, “I’m not afraid.” Abhira responds, “At this moment, your bravery is irrelevant. Just run!” Yuvraj signals his men, who quickly surround Akshara and Abhira. With delight, Yuvraj starts dancing. Meanwhile, the driver searches for the two girls. As Yuvraj departs, the driver calls out to them. The festivities of Rohit’s Sangeet kick off with a performance by Dadi, Vidya, Manisha, and Kajal to the song “Ek To Meri Chaal Sharabi…” Armaan and everyone else join in on the dance. Later, Armaan sings “Jogi Mahi…” and dances while holding Ruhi’s hand. He then brings Ruhi to Rohit and unites their hands together. The couple dances as Suwarna and Ruhi’s friends look on. Overwhelmed with emotion, Armaan sheds tears before leaving the celebrations. However, Ruhi notices him crying and goes after him.

Armaan reassures Ruhi not to cry as it is Rohit’s engagement day. Ruhi expresses her disbelief at witnessing someone lying to themselves. They argue as she urges him to be loyal to their love while he defends his loyalty to his family, using his father’s name and the mistake of breaking Dadi’s pride as justification. Ruhi questions his decision-making power and expresses her unhappiness with marrying Rohit. Armaan convinces her that Rohit will make her happy and asks her to marry him. She confesses that she cannot bear to see him with anyone else, causing him to admit that no one can replace her in his heart. Sadly, they conclude that they will never reconcile, and Ruhi tearfully walks away.


You have to attend our marriage, Yuvraj says. Armaan comes there. Yuvraj shoots Akshara. Abhira shouts.

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