Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – 19th June 2023: Episode Recap

The episode begins with everyone looking at Muskaan as Surekha shows them a video and questions her intentions of meeting a particular guy. Surekha taunts Muskaan, asking why she hasn’t washed away her sins. She accuses Muskaan of betraying Kairav’s love and mentions that they came to get married, only to discover Muskaan’s actions. Muskaan defends herself, stating that she hasn’t done anything wrong. Surekha argues, declaring that the wedding won’t take place now that the truth is out.

Akshara intervenes and defends Muskaan, pointing out that every coin has two sides. She reminds them of the time when Kairav was wrongly blamed for Anisha’s death in Mauritius, but his innocence was proven. Akshara questions why they are suspecting Muskaan simply because she is a girl. Kairav leaves the room, and Abhimanyu notices and follows him. Dadi expresses her disapproval, stating that Muskaan broke their trust. Akshara counters, stating that Muskaan can’t harm them, and even if she had a past relationship, there’s nothing wrong with it. She reminds Dadi that both she and Kairav have had pasts too.

Dadi acknowledges that everyone can have a past and claims to have no issue with it. However, she questions why Muskaan didn’t disclose her previous relationship when they told her about Kairav. Dadi believes that if Muskaan wants an equal relationship, there should be equal trust, and she has the right to ask questions. Manish agrees with Dadi, stating that they might be new to Muskaan, but she could have informed Akshara, Abhimanyu, and Neela. Dadi asserts that they accepted Muskaan, but she didn’t accept them. Abhimanyu defends Muskaan, claiming that if she had a relationship with that guy, both he and Neela would have known. Surekha accuses Muskaan of intentionally hiding her past and wanting to marry Ram while still being attached to her old lover. Abhimanyu suggests that they ask Muskaan for an explanation, stating that she will answer their questions. Meanwhile, they realize that Kairav and Abhimanyu are missing.

Manjiri wonders where Kairav went and where Abhimanyu is. Manish declares that he won’t forgive Kairav. Abhimanyu returns with Dev and assures everyone that Kairav didn’t leave them. Dev confesses that he orchestrated the entire situation to frame Muskaan and extort money from her. He admits to blackmailing her, stating that there was nothing between him and Muskaan. He reveals that Muskaan was only wishing him a happy birthday in the video he made to create a false impression. Surekha comments that someone always comes to Muskaan’s rescue. Manish insists on filing a police complaint and getting Dev arrested. Abhimanyu takes Dev away, and the truth is revealed.

Akshara notes that everything has been resolved, but Manish disagrees. He instructs Surekha to apologize to Muskaan and follows his orders. Surekha apologizes to Muskaan, but Muskaan takes the initiative and apologizes to everyone. She admits that she didn’t hide anything from Kairav, and it was a matter of a few weeks that slipped her mind. She explains that she didn’t anticipate the situation and was scared, so she didn’t seek anyone’s help. Akshara reassures Muskaan, telling her not to apologize and pointing out the unfairness of society always blaming the girl instead of questioning the one who made the videos.

Akshara acknowledges their own mistakes and inability to understand that Muskaan was protecting the family’s respect. She advises Muskaan to learn from this experience, emphasizing the importance of trust and the need to trust each other equally. Muskaan expresses her gratitude to everyone, and Akshara thanks her. Neela thanks God for giving Muskaan a good in-law family. Abhimanyu apologizes for his previous doubts and worries. Kairav hugs Abhimanyu, acknowledging his understanding and possessiveness about his sisters.

Abhimanyu asks how Kairav found Dev so quickly, and Kairav reveals that he knows Dev’s car number. Kairav explains that he loves Muskaan and took Abhimanyu along to confront Dev. Muskaan hugs Abhimanyu, and Abhinav expresses his gratitude with a gesture. Akshara observes Kairav and Muskaan together and suggests that they leave since there’s a lot of work to do. Kairav tells them to go and promises to talk later. Abhimanyu assures them that he will return, and Abhinav also departs. Kairav tells Muskaan not to waste time apologizing and to wait until everyone returns to hug him. They share an affectionate embrace, and Kairav advises Muskaan not to hide her problems and to promise never to hurt herself or him.

Muskaan promises and they share a kiss, vowing to make such promises every day. They embrace each other again. Meanwhile, Akshara is making rotis (Indian bread) when Abhinav comes to help. He apologizes for his earlier statements, stating that he didn’t mean any harm and expressing his love for his family. Akshara assures him that they are one family and they love each other. They hug, and Akshara asks him to promise that they will never fight because of Muskaan and Kairav. She warns him about Dadi’s words and they promise each other.


Abhir tells Abhimanyu that he loves his mother and father. Abhimanyu embraces him and suggests that it’s time to reveal the truth to Abhir. Akshara states that she will talk to Abhinav once the bidaai (farewell) happens and inform him that Abhir knows he isn’t his real father. Abhinav looks shocked.

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