Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2024 Written Episode Update: RV Finds Khushi Tied Up in an Isolated Building

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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode opens with Prachi and her loved ones anxiously awaiting news about Khushi. RV and Poorvi arrive at the scene, and RV assures them that he considers them family and will accompany them to the police station. Upon arriving at the station, the inspector informs them that Armaan had called in a report of Khushi’s disappearance, and they are currently searching for her. Vishaka questions why she has not been found yet, and the inspector repeats that they are actively searching for her. RV then asks for details about the actions taken so far, when suddenly a constable appears with footage from a CCTV camera. The inspector reviews the footage, revealing that a person wearing a hoodie was seen taking a bag from inside the venue and placing it into a truck. He adds that Khushi was also captured on camera entering the venue before disappearing with her dupatta trailing behind her in the bag. This revelation causes everyone to become even more worried.

Prachi requests the footage, but the Inspector denies her request. Poorvi questions if Jasbir is responsible for Khushi’s disappearance. RV defends Jasbir, stating that he is already in jail and wouldn’t have a reason to kidnap her. The inspector then informs them that the tempo has been found and that they will be sending their team to investigate further. Not wanting to be left out, they insist on accompanying the team. Just then, Yug arrives and reveals that he saw Khushi at the venue before she disappeared, leading him to believe she had been kidnapped. RV clarified that they were already aware of this information and had plans to go there. The Inspector confirms that the missing girl’s name is Khushi and describes the tempo as white.

The police depart in the jeep while RV requests Prachi and the others to remain there in case they are needed for assistance. Ashok agrees with RV’s suggestion. Vishaka then urges RV to bring Khushi back, noting that although she may come across as strict, she is pretty kind-hearted. She adds that she is just like her mother. RV assures them that he will bring Khushi back. Poorvi also wants to join them, but RV insists she stays with her family. He then leaves, advising Yug to stay with them. Prachi and Vishaka later arrive at Jasbir’s house and inform them about their missing daughter, appealing for help. Chachi reveals that Jasbir is currently imprisoned because of Khushi’s actions.

As a result of his evil deeds, Vishaka is in jail. Chacha asks how he can kidnap your daughter from jail. Vishaka says he is a politician and can do anything. Then, he warns them and asks them to leave. Jasbir holds Vishaka’s hand, asking them to tell her where their daughter is and show some humanity. Prachi says to leave my Bua ji’s hand, swears on Khushi, and says she will punish Jasbir harshly if he gets involved.

RV arrives at the location, recalling the words of the Police. Spotting the tempo, he recognizes it as the same one mentioned. Upon reaching an isolated building, RV boldly enters and apologizes to Poorvi in his mind for taking such a daring risk. As he unties Khushi’s bound hands, she demands to know how he could have had the audacity. Removing the cloth from her head, Khushi is surprised to see Rajvansh and exclaims his name in disbelief. Confirming that it is indeed him, RV reveals that he finally heard his name from her after many months. He then discloses that he is not only Poorvi’s husband but also recently married her. Khushi is left stunned by this revelation.

Visha asks Prachi how much longer they will remain standing there. Prachi states that staying put is no longer an option, and she requests that the inspector allow her to speak with Jasbir. When he denies permission, she implores him to understand the gravity of their situation, emphasizing that their daughter’s life is at stake. The Inspector then instructs the Constable to take Prachi away. But despite this, Prachi persists in speaking with Jasbir, asking him directly about Khushi’s whereabouts. To her dismay, Jasbir claims that even he has no knowledge of her location and defends himself by saying he comes from a good family and never intended to kidnap anyone.

Prachi warns Jasbir that she will hold him accountable if any harm comes to Khushi. She then requests the Constable to send her away. Once again, Prachi stresses that she will not let Jasbir off the hook if anything happens to Khushi. Shocked, Khushi insists that this cannot be happening. Jasbir admits that he has taken the Pandal from her. In disbelief, Khushi questioned why he married her sister when he was aware of their relationship. Jasbir confidently confirms that he was fully aware and liked only Khushi. He confesses that she held a special place in his heart and was everything to him.


Prachi asks who kidnapped her. RV says your sister is with me, and now you will see how I keep her. Khushi asks what you mean. She says my sister is everything to me, and I will not allow anything to ruin her life.

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