Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad and Garry’s Intense Showdown


Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

“The Brars are gathered outside their mansion gate, protesting against Yash and Garry’s nefarious schemes. Upon her return from school, Simran turns to Inder for an explanation. He reveals that a group of individuals are attempting to harm them, but they refuse to give in to their evil intentions. Nonchalantly, Yash strolls towards his car, dismissing the protest as mere theatrics. Garry takes the opportunity to mock the Brars, insinuating that it took them a while to take their grievances to the streets. However, Angad reassures that they will end Garry and his father’s wicked plans. To avoid media attention, Yash instructs Garry and his goon to handle the situation discreetly. Garry assures him he will take care of it. Yash departs, promising to deliver a shocking blow to the Brars.”

Japjot’s health continues to decline, and her family becomes worried. They urge her not to lose hope, but she feels overwhelmed. Veer escorts her to the car to rest. Meanwhile, the Brars notice Garry’s writing on the wall. Simran reads the words and discovers that the property belongs to Sri Yashraj Baweja, Garry’s father. Angad sends Simran away and then proceeds to throw paint on the wall. He confronts Garry about his actions, accusing him of being a puppet under Yash’s control. Garry defends himself, stating that he is frustrated after losing everything.

Garry asks Manveer to stop fighting with his brother and reminds him she brought them together equally. In appreciation of being his aaya, Garry throws money at her. Brars stands stunned. Agnad gives Garry a tight slap. Garry falls and challenges Angad to a fight. Angad accepts his challenge and says he will teach Garry a lesson today. With the background music from Animal, they recreate the fight scene. Angad beats Garry brutally and pins him to a wall. Jasleen pleads with Angad to spare Garry since he is severely injured. Angad spares Garry.

A few minutes later, Garry attacks Angad, brutally injuring him. Their fight continues, and neighbors are worried either one will die. Jasleen holds Garry and pleads with him to stop. Manveer says Garry finally shows his dirty blood by harming his brother. Garry pushes her away and tries to attack Angad again. As Inder rushes away, Sahiba comes in to stop the fight. When Sahiba returns, he is shocked by their condition.


The entire family stands outside the gate as Yash brings bulldozers to destroy Brar mansion to show them what it is like to be homeless. Angad warns him to back off or solve the matter legally, or else he will ruin his love and kill Yash.

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