Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th May 2023 Written Update


Malik, the hotel manager, tells Angad that Garry has a room booked for 365 days in their hotel under his name. Sahiba asks what room number it is. Malik replies room number 506. Sahiba asks Angad if he went to the same room in search of Seerat. Malik says Garry brings many girls to that room, so he thought Seerat was one of them. Seerat was engaged to Angad when he knew that.

As Garry says booking a hotel room is common, Angad says spending nights in the hotel room with his fiance is not common and gives him tight slaps and punches. Keerat thinks she wants to call ATM as jiju/BIL for the first time. Garry walks furiously toward Sahiba.

Angad stops him. Keerat tells Angad to slap Garry until he bleeds. Angad slaps him repeatedly again. Garry falls down bleeding from his nose and mouth. Shanaya says he is disgusting. Pamela says he is wrong by fixing her daughter’s alliance with Garry and walks away with Shanaya. Guests also leave.

She claims that she has proven her point and that she doesn’t need to prove anything else anymore. Akaal says she won’t need to and asks Angad to bring Garry in front of him. Angad pushes Garry in front of Akaal. Garry angrily looks at Akaal. He is warned not to raise his eyes in front of Darji by Angad.

Akaal and Angad built this business together, and Garry wanted to backstab them, making him feel ashamed that Garry is his blood. Inder confronts Garry for having such a toxic attitude towards Brars and Angad. Then Manveer tongue lashes him, saying he feels ashamed to refer to him as his brother and that Garry lied to elope Seerat from there. Bebe says she can’t believe Garry used women like tissue paper and disrespected them.

Manveer says Jasleen knew everything from before and supported Garry. Jasleen returns with a gun and points at Garry saying she did not know about Garry’s evil deeds. She shoots Garry. Garry escapes. She tries again. Angad stops her. Akaal asks Angad to decide. Angad says he doesn’t want to see his face again. Angad says he is Seerat’s culprit and should apologize to her first. Garry walks away after looking angrily at Sahiba.


Angad notices Sahiba walking out with her bags and asks her where she is going. Sahiba says she is going home. Japhyot questions why. Sahiba says Angad challenged her to prove herself or else leave his home, so she proved herself and is returning home. Angad stops her.

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