Agnisakshi 25th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Utkarsh’s Return Stuns Mehra Family


Agnisakshi 25th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the Episode begins, Utkarsh exits the ward and spots Satvik and Shlok. The doctor notices him and instructs the ward staff to bring him back inside right away. He then requests the female doctor to administer an injection, wondering what Utkarsh saw that caused his condition to deteriorate. Jeevika offers Satvik a cup of coffee, suggesting it may make him feel better. She reassures him that he can confide in her if he needs to talk about anything. Satvik admits to causing harm to his father by pressing on a weak vein. He reveals that his father had been to the hospital before and was back again this time around.

Jeevika says she will speak to Papa and help him understand the reason behind your move. However, Satvik believes he will not be able to make Papa see his perspective. Rajnandini joins the conversation and shares how Papa refused to listen when she mentioned you. She regrets not discussing Utkarsh’s Shradh with him earlier. Satvik takes responsibility for not being able to bring happiness to Papa since his birth. Jeevika approaches Narayan, who asks her to take a seat. Despite her efforts, Narayan remains upset with Satvik for not only hurting him but also Rajnandini by speaking about Utkarsh’s Shradh. He declares that Satvik does not deserve his forgiveness and is snatching away any hope of her husband’s return from Rajnandini, who has dedicated her life to Savitri silks.

But Papa, Satvik didn’t… Just then, the doctor says tomorrow you can discharge, but don’t stress yourself out… Narayan says it is in my son’s hands. Jeevika asks why there is no photo of Utkarsh Dada. Narayan says he is in our hearts, and says he will show his photo in his mobile phone. Just then, the nurse comes in and informs her that she needs to take his blood samples. Jeevika goes outside.

Rajnandini talks to Sundari and asks her about Utkarsh. Sundari says I have sent you a photo. Rajnandini says it is an old photo and threatens her to tell the truth. Sundari says Utkarsh is missing and he is not here. She threatens to kill her, saying he might not have gone far. Sundari becomes scared. In Rajnandini’s mind, there are still many stories that have to be told.

As Jeevika makes arrangements, Shlok, Aadhya and Satvik come over to her and ask what she is doing. Jeevika replies that she is arranging for Utkarsh dada’s shradh. Satvik says Baba. Jeevika says that yesterday night Baba himself asked me to do it. As Rajnandini gets happy, she pretends to cry and faints. Jeevika wonders why she fainted when it was her own idea. Everyone becomes worried about Rajnandini.

As Utkarsh walks through the hospital, he spots Narayan conversing with a doctor. Soon after, his doctor leads him to the ward. Jeevika and Satvik arrive to pick Narayan up. However, he insists that he could have made his own way home. Despite Jeevika’s attempt to explain that Satvik is Utkarsh’s brother, Narayan remains dismissive and leaves. Jeevika then turns to Satvik and asks him to accompany their father while she speaks to Utkarsh’s doctor about a pressing matter regarding his unidentified family. She hopes this will clarify any misunderstandings that may have arisen between them.

In the car, Satvik tells Narayan that he loved Utkarsh dada so much, because he was the one who loved him more after Mummy went, and that he has taught him many things. You have lost your son, but I lost the person who was my everything. He says he has lost his mother and Utkarsh father, but he doesn’t want his papa. Narayan gets teary.

As Rajnandini tells Sundari to search for him, Lata taunts her. Rajnandini taunts her back. She asks Rajnandini to wear white sarees for the shradh and says colored sarees are not allowed. Shlok says Bhabhi will wear whatever she wants, even if you don’t like. As Rajnandini taunts Lata, she says neither my status nor my clothes will change.

Narayan tells Satvik that I will apologize to you and does not understand your feelings and emotions. According to him, I forgot that Utkarsh was your everything, and I was so busy with work after Savitri left that I didn’t notice that you were also suffering. Afterward, he says that he will clear up all the misunderstandings and will provide you with the father you deserve.

Whatever you did was to secure our future, and you worked day and night, and you had done your job well. Satvik said he respected your journey to becoming a successful businessman and he was proud of you. Narayan says even I am proud of you, that you have my Satvik, who is matured not just in age but also in thinking, and says that Savitri and Utkarsh might feel proud of you today.

As a result of the severe trauma, Jeevika told the doctor that he had lost his memory, but it was not permanent, and nobody could predict when he would regain it. Similarly, the police cannot assist in this case. Jeevika asks the doctor if any ID was found with him. The doctor shows a tweez and Jeevika realizes that it is Guru’s tweez, which was lost in the farmhouse. She realizes that this means Guru was kept in the farmhouse like an animal.


Satvik is about to put a garland on Utkarsh’s photo when Jeevika comes there with Utkarsh. Rajnandini acts to cry while sitting for the shradh. When Satvik sees Utkarsh alive, he drops the garland. Everyone becomes moved. Satvik hugs him and asks him how he is and where he was. Narayan hugs him and says that my Utkarsh is back. Jeevika is thrilled and emotional. Rajnandini is shocked.

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