Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Khushi introduces Prachi and Ranbir to each other. She calls them Shiv and Parvati, and says they’re both cute. Prachi asks if he’s Shiv? Khushi says yes. Laali asks her not to give money. You have brought so many sarees for me, and chocolate for Khushi. I won’t take flower money from you. She thanks her. Ranbir asks Prachi, what are you doing here? Prachi gets a call and says I am coming.

Khushi asks her to take care. Laali tells Prachi that she will think and make a decision. Prachi asks her to think well, as it is for Khushi and you as well. Laali asks her to join her. Laali says she gave me an offer like you. Ranbir looks at Prachi and says she wants Khushi. Prachi thinks even Ranbir wants Khushi.

Prachi says she will not let Ranbir take Khushi. Ranbir says why did you talk to her when I was talking to you. Laali says I told her, too, that I am thinking and asks him to leave. She says that Madam knows how to keep us happy. Ranbir asks for two minutes to talk to Khushi. Laali taunts him for coming to meet Khushi empty handed. Ranbir leaves. Laali calls Khushi a golden hen.

In Akshay’s taxi, the goons are following him in the car. The driver tells Akshay that someone is following them. Ranbir and Akshay’s car are about to crash. Ranbir stops the car. It is the goons who come in their car and snatch Akshay’s bag and try to take his shoes. Ranbir misunderstands and asks Akshay to give him his bag. Akshay asks, “Who are you?” Ranbir replies, “I am Ranbir Kohli.”.

The goons remove Akshay’s shoes and bag. Ranbir asks how he will survive without them. Akshay asks Ranbir to relax and throws the stick at the car. The stick hits the goon’s head and he stops. The goons tell Ranbir that the guy is taking their gold, and Akshay thanks Ranbir for helping. He tells Ranbir not to interfere. Ranbir beats the goon and the goons tell Akshay that the guy has their gold.

Police come there. Ranbir tells them this man has their gold. The goons run away. Akshay asks Police to catch them. Suddenly, Ashok receives a call from an unknown number and is shocked. He calls Prachi and tells her to reach Greater Kailash Police Station as Akshay has been arrested. He says that he will be there with a lawyer.

Despite his innocence, Akshay tells Inspector that he belongs to a decent family. Inspector says he wore this uniform to catch the guilty and nobody escaped. It is wrong that Akshay has made these accusations against me. Inspector asks him to call a lawyer and maintain calm. Akshay says ok, but give me my shoes. Inspector refuses. Akshay becomes upset.

When Prachi comes to the PS, she takes her phone from the car. She gets Ashok’s call. Ashok asks him to calm Akshay down and tries to make Inspector understand. Prachi asks why he is being arrested. After Ashok says I didn’t ask, Harsh does the accident and gets down to argue with the person who did it. Ashok tells Prachi they have an accident, and they will be late.

Seeing Prachi inside, Akshay gets happy and tells her everything, that two cars stopped him and two goons got out of the car and tried to steal his bag and shoes. Another guy was there, who was helping the goons. Akshay says just now I landed here from London and got trapped here. He says Inspector is looking at him as if he is a suspect. Prachi says he is coming, so she told me to come here.

Inquiring why he was arrested, Inspector says for gold smuggling, a heinous crime. Prachi asks what you’re saying, and tells that this man’s name is Akshay Tandon, and his father is Ashok Tandon. She says they run big companies and do a lot of charity. Inspector says we arrested him because of his capabilities. His bagpiping was made of gold, and he had gold biscuits/bars in his shoes.

It’s gold smuggling, he says. Prachi says he’ll make 50-60 lakhs, and Tandon sir gives this much money to charity. She says something might have happened and London airport security let him go. The witness said he saw two gangs fighting for a bag. Prachi says this cannot happen. She says maybe you got the wrong information.

The inspector searches for Ashok and Akshay Tandon and tells her that the guy complained about him. If the guy takes back the complaint then we will leave Akshay. Prachi asks where the guy is. The inspector replies that he is speaking to our senior. He’s completely crazy, says Akshay. Inspector asks Constable to take her to Ranbir Kohli. Prachi says Ranbir Kohli.

As a responsible citizen, Ranbir tells Prachi that the guy is a smuggler and was smuggling the gold.

Prachi says he needs to learn to be a responsible citizen first. Kaya tells Ranbir that this is his first independent project, so he must not make any mistakes. Ranbir thanks her and embraces her.

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