Anupama 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Anupama’s 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

Little Anu insists that Anuj call and speak to Anupama but hesitates. Maaya says she can call after she sleeps and wakes up. Little Anu agrees. When Little Anu sleeps, Anuj takes her in. Anupama’s sari is brought by Little Anu. She says she always keeps mummy’s sari with her and covers herself with it whenever she misses her mother.

Samar asks Toshu if he has gone mad. Kavya asks where there is the question of leaving the house. Leela says she won’t let him leave the house at any cost. Kinjal says he doesn’t have to leave the house since she will take care of him. Adhik, Paakhi, and others also try to explain to him. Leela says they love Paakhi, Toshu, and him equally but he won’t be happy marrying Dimple. Vanraj says when his fever of love fades, he will be regretful like Toshu and Paakhi. Kinjal urges Dimple not to let Samar leave the house. Dimple says why should she when Samar speaks the truth? Samar blames Leela and says the problem started because she instigated it. Vanraj tells him he can leave but not misbehave with Leela. Samar goes to get his bags.

The song Yaadein Bhuljaati Hain plays in the background as Anuj recalls quality time spent with Anupama watching Little Anu sleep and covering herself with her sari. He recalls his fights with Anupama and allowing Barkha to take her belongings and do whatever she chooses. He calls Barkha.

Barkha insists that Anupama keep her belongings. Anupama asks her to take them back. Barkha gets tense seeing Anuj’s call. At Shah house, Hasmukh says everyone has given their opinion, now it is his turn. He tells Vanraj that the house belongs to Samar as well as him, and they do not have to worry about them as they are mature enough.

Kinjal tells Samar they had a problem with Dimpy and not him and asks him not to leave the house. Hasmukh says everyone wants to leave the house and let him live normally until he is alive. Dimpy is accepted by Kinjal as her sister-in-law, and she asks her not to let Samar leave.

Leela tells her not to act great like Anupama because Dimpy will break their house. Paakhi says her mother would be the happiest person on earth if good things happened to good people. Kinjal says she doesn’t know anything, Samar is her younger brother and she is on his side. Hasmukh also agrees. Leela warns them that they are doing wrong to stop Samar at home, Dimpy is a curse and will destroy their house. Kinjal asks Samar to drop Dimpy home and assures Hasmukh that she will handle everything. Hasmukh thinks Kinjal is trying to become Anupama, a very difficult task.

Anuj repeatedly calls Barkha, decides that he shouldn’t have told her that, and hopes that Barkha won’t have taken out Anupama’s belongings. Barkha believes she can create a misunderstanding between Anupama and Anuj and uproot her.

She thinks of instigating Aunty and starts accusing Anupama that Anuj left home because of her and that she is suffering because of her own mistakes, etc. Anupama says she knows what she is trying to do. According to Barkha, Anuj sent her crores of jewellery so she could sell it and live a peaceful life. Despite her mother’s low income, Anupama says she earned whatever she has, not like someone who stole and lives off others’ money.

Anuj instructed Barkha to bring a drop for someone who left an ocean. Barkha says she was just following his instructions. Anupama says she knows Anuj better than himself and knows what he can and cannot do. She should stop inciting her mother with cheap acts. Though she plays games, she understands them well; she watched how

She disconnected Anuj’s calls and instigated her to call Anuj on the other side after Barkha disconnected them. She says in English, “Don’t you dare gaslight me, because I’ll fire up” and then no Barkha in the world can start that fire. Barkha says Anupama has nothing left at Anuj’s house because Anuj left because of her, so Anuj feels guilty and thinks about how to stop Barkha.

He tells Paakhi that today was too much. Paakhi says he’s running late and his sister must be worried about him. Adhik asks why she taunts him for everything. Paakhi says she’s not taunting him because his sister doesn’t like him to be with her. He asks whether she can put his sister aside for a while, and says he really cares about her that he came running to get her.

According to Paakhi, he chose Shah House over her. Adhik says that she chose Shah House over him in that sense. Paakhi says he forgot she left her family for him. He says he also left his sister and BIL for her. As a result of his sister not liking her staying at Kapadia house, Paakhi walks away and says he should focus on being a full-time brother rather than a part-time husband.

Anupama continues to accuse Barkha. Kanta warns her to shut up. Anupama asks her not to calm down, as Barkha is trying to instigate her. Kanta tells Barkha to see her angry avatar, then orders her out of the house. Barkha shouts at her. Her daughter only values mangalsutra, which she has with her, and not this jewellery, so Kanta warns her to keep her drama to herself and get out with the jewellery and stuff.

All of this won’t go back to Barkha’s house, she says. In Anupama’s view, the house belongs to Anuj, who is still her husband, and they will resolve their problems themselves, and relatives don’t need to interfere; she has a lot in her heart that Anuj gave her, and Barkha should get rid of it all.

As Bhavesh asks servants to take this stuff away, Barkha walks away fuming. Paakhi notices this. Barkha returns home and calls Anuj. Anuj says he has been calling her for a while. Barkha shouts there is no place for goodness; one must help and then be rebuked.

Anuj asks her to calm down and if she has been to Anupama. Anupama wants him to meet her and drop her stuff as she needs some clarification from him since Anupama has changed and is not the same as she was before. Barkha says she is returning from there, she went to drop Anupama’s stuff off, but she was kicked out of the house.

Anupama teaches dance to kids. Ankush calls Anuj and Anupama back home. Maaya worries that Anuj will reconcile with Anupama.


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