Anupama 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Tensions Rise as Anuj Faces Surprises

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Anupama 29th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Toshu reassures Anuj not to stress about the event; he will handle all the arrangements and ensure it turns out wonderfully, making Anuj proud. In turn, Anuj asks him to also make his mother proud before leaving. Toshu enthusiastically declares that it will be a fun event. Meanwhile, Vikram praises Anupama for her actions and eagerly anticipates the event. Anupama agrees but adds that they still need to make some decisions. Just then, Anuj arrives home, greeted by Aadhya, who excitedly shares that Shruti’s parents are coming to finalize the wedding date. This news shocks Anuj, while Shruti explains that her mother had spoken with Aadhya about it earlier.

Seeing Pakhi standing outside Titu’s hotel room door, Titu says, “You can’t come here.” Pakhi says she will come inside. Sitting on the bed, she says she does not want to talk to him. He says that our professional commitments are done, and she tells everyone that she loves him and wants to marry him. He says I don’t love you. Pakhi says Dimpy doesn’t love you either. Taking it personally, he asks her not to cook up plans in her mind and asks her to leave.

It is Pakhi who asks Titu to understand her love for Dimpy. Titu says he loves him, and he has loved Dimpy for five years. He says I never saw you that way and have no feelings or place for you. Pakhi says I am smart, intelligent, earn money, etc., and asks what is in her that I don’t have, so what I will say is, He says I don’t think about you, so what I’ll say. He asks her to leave.

Pakhi hugs him and asks him not to leave her. Titu asks Pakhi not to bring Ishani in between them. Pakhi tells him she is ready to leave Ishani and give her to Adhik. Titu is shocked.

Anupama and Vikram plan for the event with Yashdeep. Shruti tells Anuj that she didn’t ask them not to come, as her father is a heart patient, and she thought she would tell them herself that the marriage is canceled. Anuj says let them come, spend some time with them and then tell them.

Titu expresses disbelief at the idea of a mother being selfish. According to Pakhi, she is willing to abandon her daughter for Titu because of her love for him. He points out this contrast between Pakhi and another woman, Dimpy, who is unwilling to leave her family for her son or marry Titu. He claims he will remain unmarried if Dimpy disagrees, so he asks Pakhi to leave or face security. However, Pakhi declares that she alone will marry Titu and threatens to prevent him from marrying anyone else if he refuses. This leaves Titu stunned.

He asks if spice and chutney have done you any favors. Anupama makes the arrangements. Yashdeep says if you have any problems, I can refuse Mr. Kapadia. Anupama replied that she had no problem and would not have agreed. In response, she says that she cannot repay the favors, but when she faces the difficulties in life, she will face them and fly high.

When Shruti asks Anuj about the event, Anuj says that he met Anu and Mr. Dhillon today and that they agreed to participate. He asks why I want to see her and be with her.

Titu explains to Adhik that he must send him an audio recording. He apologizes for the inconvenience and clarifies that it was necessary to do so. Titu explained that he felt something might happen, so he decided to record the conversation as a precaution. Adhik expresses his concerns about girls like Pakhi, who can falsely accuse innocent guys and misuse the law. He reassures Titu that having this recording will help in case of any accusations. Titu expresses his love for Ishani and his wish for her to stay with her father, Adhik. Adhik acknowledges how much Titu cares for his sister and urges him not to let Dimpy go. They both wish each other luck in handling the situation ahead.

Yashdeep asks Anupama if he will drop her off at home. Anupama says no, she will go by herself. Beeji is waiting for you, and you ask him to go home. He asks if you are worried about the event. In response, Anupama says she had told you about it and had decided to face the situation. He tells her everyone would like the food. Yashdeep says no one can be saved from her magic.


Anupama makes an anklet for Pari. Later, a student comments that the other student is bigger than her. Anupama says the most important things are determination, obsession, and hard work, not age. Anuj calls her. She calls him Mr. Kapadia. The word made him feel like he wasn’t in a foreign country for five years. She asks him to speak with Yashdeep. He says he wants to.

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