Kavya 13th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya Rescues Baby and Exposes Badi Amma


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The episode begins with discovering a baby stuck to a tree, causing an argument between Sanjeev and Anurag. Kavya steps in, asserting that she will rescue Omi, and halts Adi from intervening. While Alka weeps, Kavya bravely descends the cliff to retrieve the baby. With Adi and Alka pulling on her rope, she carefully moves up with the baby in her arms. She is praised for her bravery once she hands the baby to Alka. Meanwhile, Anurag is scolded by Alka and then stopped by Adi as he tries to retaliate. However, Sanjeev allows Alka to express her anger before Anurag stands up and grabs hold of her. In response, Adi demands that he let go of her, but Anurag provokes either him or Alka, who will prevail today. Suddenly, Kavya cries out for Adi’s attention…

Giriraj will be on call when Kavya, Alka, and Omi return home. He inquires about Adi’s whereabouts. Kavya notices Badi Amma’s happiness and blames Adi’s actions for it. She breaks down crying. Giriraj urges her to explain the situation to Adi. Malini also asks about Adi’s location. Sanjeev reveals that Anurag pushed Adi off a cliff during their fight. The group is devastated and mourns the loss of Adi while also noting Anurag’s injuries. Badi Amma questions Anurag’s condition and rushes to the hospital to see him, where she spots a man with bandages covering his face.

In response, she confesses everything. The guy gets up and removes the bandages. She is shocked to see Adi. Kavya and everyone show up. Badi Amma is also shocked. Adi recalls threatening Anurag and Kavya about exposing Badi Amma. Police accompany Anurag.

Adi asks why did you do this, Badi Amma. She says you, your dad, and your granddad have all robbed me. Giriraj cries. Malini says you have everything that belonged to my husband. Your dad cheated me and gave everything to the second woman, snatched my son’s and grandson’s rights, and you enjoy them. Anurag is my real family, she says.

As Giriraj asks me who I am, I know my father left you and did not give you your rights, but I regarded you as my mother. Since I was 16, I have served you, I have received bungalows, cars, money, I have helped Anurag get educated, when his father could not do anything, I supported Anurag. I wouldn’t trust you when she says you’re my Sautan’s son.

Giriraj is cursed to lose Adi, too. He shouts Amma…. Kavya scolds Badi Amma. She tells her to leave the house. Badi Amma says it’s because you, a useless girl, come from a cheap family. In anger, Kavya slaps her. You tell me anything you like, not my family; you have cheated your family, you killed Omi, you framed Adi, you tried to kill him, and you did not get a good upbringing so that jail will teach you now.

Badi Amma believes it’s simple to shift the blame onto others. I didn’t do anything, yet Anurag is responsible for Omi’s death and even attempted to harm Adi and frame him. Anurag is visibly taken aback. Badi Amma urges them not to forgive Anurag. Kavya praises her manipulative tactics and accuses Badi Amma of lying. She points out that true love for the family would have prevented Badi Amma from hiding the truth. As Malini stands by her husband and her mother-in-law, she warns that neither Anurag nor Badi Amma are welcome anymore. Adi takes matters into his own hands and has them arrested. Malini reminds everyone, including Kavya, to speak respectfully and never return. Giriraj is left sobbing in despair.


Kavya and Adi promise not to let their work get in the way of their relationship.

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