Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana Comforts Tara and Faces Kunal’s Anger

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay asks Vandana why she fled to her house. Atya says she went to see Tara and brought her Saas along, and you can meet them later. He says fine, he’ll meet her then. Atya thinks I feel a connection between us. Vandana hugs Tara and consoles her. Tara complains about Kunal scolding Samaira and her. Kunal says she didn’t tell me and went to Samaira, and now she won’t go to any parties.

Tara pleads, “Please let me go.” However, he remains firm in his decision. She explained that she had to attend a birthday party. He interrupts, “You’re not going.” Concerned about the escalating situation, Vandana intervenes and asks them to calm down. Despite Vandana’s efforts, Kunal and Tara continue to argue. Tara insists, “I’m sorry, please, I want to go.” Kunal raises his voice and declares, “Enough! Go cry in your room; I won’t change my mind.” Disheartened by the outcome, Tara leaves the room. Feeling sympathetic towards their child’s request, Vandana reminds them that Tara is just a kid, not a robot who can be controlled at will. She asserts that they cannot punish her as they are the elders in the situation. Kunal defends his actions by stating that he only does what he believes is best for her. Vandana disagrees and argues that he is acting out of fear rather than considering her happiness. Firm in his stance, Kunal refuses to allow Tara to attend the party and walks away from the conversation.

Tara says bad dad, he shouted at me and stopped me from going to the party, but Vandana says no, bad dad, you got scared of the bad memory; your dad got scared and scolded you; it’s your mistake, too.

In her opinion, make a card for Samaira, and I’ll try to convince Kunal. Tara says my dad is fantastic. Anagha and Hemant come home. She says Shivam got a job at an international music contest. Vijay and Atya are happy. Anagha says he can’t go because the school said we had to get money. Hemant says they gave us two weeks. Vijay feels sad.

She goes to Kunal’s room and thinks about convincing him. She jokes. Kunal says look there. She says you are afraid of cockroaches. She laughs. He says I wouldn’t say I like cockroaches. She says be careful, his heart will break. He says I hate you too. She jokes. He says we have to make a strategy and attack him, he is a criminal, ill-mannered. When Vandana sees Tara’s picture, she comes up with an idea. She scares him and seals him up in a cupboard to keep him away.

He insists on opening the door, claiming he can’t breathe. She apologizes but explains that he must remain there. He repeats himself, yelling for her to open the door. Eventually, she relents and unlocks it. He questions her sanity, and she wonders what caused his outburst. He explains how keeping someone confined can be detrimental to their well-being. She relates it to their situation with Tara and how locking her in a room only worsens things. Suddenly, she trips and falls to the ground. Quickly reacting, he helps her up and encourages her to be more careful. The concern in his eyes creates a moment of connection between them. Just then, Vedika appears and smiles upon seeing them together.

Vandana assures them that their situation is not as dire as they may believe. Vedika responds with a nonchalant “whatever” and reminds everyone to prioritize their roles as spouses. She offers prayers for both Kunal and Vandana. Concerned, Kunal asks if she’s okay, to which Vandana replies in the affirmative. He admits to being a cautious father who needs time to overcome his fears. She points out that if Tara gets hurt, her wounds could take a lifetime to heal. He shares his worries about Tara, but she advises him not to hold on too tightly as it may push her away instead of bringing them closer together, especially after waiting so long for her arrival.

Hemant and Anagha have a conversation in which they both express their opinions. Anagha mentions their middle-class status, while Hemant suggests speaking to Kunal and Vandana about going to London with Shivam and repaying them later. However, Anagha disagrees, stating that she doesn’t want to ask for money and is content without it. She also shares her desire for Shivam to become a successful singer rather than just a musician like Vijay and Vandana’s son. Hemant supports Shivam’s talent in playing the tabla but admits that they do not have the funds to send him to London. Anagha remains firm in her decision, stating that she wants Shivam to focus on his education rather than pursuing music abroad.

Kunal approaches Tara, expressing his disapproval of her attending the party. However, he suggests finding a compromise if both Tara and Vandana still want to go. Seeing that they did not receive an invitation, Tara assures him that it will come. Kunal then requests specific information about the children going to the party and stresses the importance of returning on time with a security guard. Grateful for his concern, Vandana embraces Tara and questions why she should gather the details. Vaani intervenes, advising her to follow Kunal’s instructions. In response, Vandana decides to contact Samaira’s mother for more information. Meanwhile, Kunal receives a call from Kuldeep while accidentally dropping his phone, causing it to answer the call.

Vaani becomes frightened when she hears the voice and immediately yells out. Kuldeep responds, asking about the identity of the voice. Vedika, taking the phone, notices Vaani’s fear and inquires if she needs anything. The caller then reveals that Pammi instructed him to come immediately without giving any further explanation. Vedika informs him that Sonia has taken Tara hostage, but Kunal has already removed her from their lives, and Tara is safe now. Relieved by the news, he decides not to go there because he has much work to do. Vandana also questions Vaani about her reaction. Responding, Vaani explains it was her husband’s father…


Vandana confronts Pammi. Vedika tells Vandana about Kuldeep. She cries. Vandana says I’m with you. Bobby beats Vaibhav. He falls. Mrunal screams at Vaibhav.

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