Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 14th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sagar’s New Law Firm and Vedika’s Struggles

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After entering the room, Sagar tells Saraswathi she is furious with the girls, especially the one who keeps telling him about the sections, while the other is a thief. Saraswathi replies that girls aren’t all the same, as the girls at the Mandir were very nice and took good care of her. Sagar says the girl Saraswathi is talking about seems very sensible, so he tells her to calm down.

In response to Sagar’s reply that he needs one of them, Saraswathi says they greatly irritate him. Sagar says one is very annoying while the other has her mind. Suphedra, who stands at the door, believes Saraswathi and Kamal are treated like servants. Sagar asks Saraswathi and Suphedra to prepare for a surprise.

He refuses to tell Vedika anything about him as she just saw him enter the Maheshwari Mansion. Vedika asks Dayal why there was no trial, and Dayal thinks he cannot trust anyone because Vedika got him arrested. Dayal asks Vedika first to get bail. Rajeshwari asks Digvijay what the lawyer girl is doing with Dayal, explaining that both of their enemies have joined hands.

Rajeshwari says he is not the one running the company because she has to do everything. Digvijay asks if he should kill Dayal, and Rajeshwari gets furious at him, asking when he is going to learn how to use his mind. Digvijay says she asked him to kill Dayal when he escaped from the van, but he is stopping him now. According to her, Rajeshwari has asked Kamal to do this work.

During a conversation with Kishori Lal and his wife, Kamal says he has brought the token amount in cash while the remainder is in a cheque. After asking Vedika if she was born in this city, Kamal remarks that there was no education school here. Kishori Lal says the school was closed for a few years. As Kamal questions Kishori about Vedika, Kishori says he has sold the lands of his ancestors, signing the papers.

In the house, Vedika asks what he has done now as it is wrong. Kamal says her father made the right decision to sell the land and even signed the papers. Kamal threatens Vedika, saying her father knows that no one can get such a large amount. Vedika forces Kamal to leave after Vedika says that when they both brought her to this house, she was very distressed and kept crying for fear that she might even lose them both.

As Kishiori explains, things are not as they once were, and this land cannot provide them with anything because the Maheshwari family is very powerful. Vedika asks her mother why she is crying, explaining that she doesn’t have to worry about the Maheshwari family. Kishori lal asks Vedika who will give her a job. Vedika replies that someone has offered her one.

Sagar takes both Suphedra and Saraswathi after covering their eyes. They both request him to open the blindfold, and Sagar agrees that they should not open their eyes. Suphedra and Saraswathi agree that he has not lost his childish behavior; Sagar asks them to open their eyes and then shows them the office. Saraswathi asks where he brought them since he thought he had a farewell gift. Sagar asks who is leaving when the flights have been canceled,

Saraswathi inquires why Sagar had not mentioned this before. He responds that he prefers to add a touch of drama. She then asks about their current location, to which Sagar reveals the name of the firm – Suphedra, the law firm owned by both Saraswathi and Sagar. Curious, Suphedra asks when Sagar opened his law firm. He explains that having studied locally and abroad, he desired to work here. Suphedra suggests that Sagar inform his father and grandmother about his new venture and even consider joining the family business, as it is their wish. However, Sagar reiterates that he wants to continue working as a lawyer.

Suphedra acknowledges that both of them would become upset, but Saraswathi reassures her that today is an important day for Sagar. He praises Saraswathi and mentions that even the Pandit Ji will be attending. Suphedra realizes this means they were not invited to the Hawan. However, Sagar explains that he only invited those whose names are associated with his company. He also points out that Dadi and his father will lead the Hawan. Saraswathi agrees, acknowledging their role as elders. Sagar embraces both Saraswathi and Suphedra affectionately.

Vedika is riding the scooter, thinking about when she refused to sell the school and house to Kamal. She even thinks about Koyal, who considers her her sister, so she prays that she will meet Koyal today.

Koyal, posing as a telecom company representative, contacted her mother, Mauri, to inquire about the compensation for setting up a tower. Vedika called Koyal by her real name, causing others to become suspicious and chase after her. Seeing this, Mauri became worried and joined in the pursuit. Vedika was relieved to have found Koyal and asked why they were being chased. In response, Koyal recounted an incident where she had slapped a hawker for overcharging her.

He replies that he is about to leave the house after Kishori Lal signs the papers, but Vedika returns before he can leave. Rajeshwari scolds Kamal for not going after Kishori Lal signed the papers. Kamal informs Rajeshwari that Vedika was born in Jamshedpur, so she is glad he discovered more about her.

Digvijay demanded the papers from Kamal. Lali immediately served them laddo; Rajeshwari ordered her to chew and then swallow it before she could speak. Lali said Sagar would not be traveling to London and had canceled his flights. Digvijay got excited and called Sagar, and Lali informed Rajeshwari that he had opened a new law firm and went to the Hawan with only Suphedra and Saraswathi. Rajeshwari was concerned.


Rajeshwari enters the office and is shocked to see Saraswathi sitting in the Hawan with Vedika and Koyal.

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