Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 21st June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sagar Defends Vedika Against Family Tensions

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Sagar goes to Rajeshwari while Vedika stands up and asks her how she got so many papers ready so quickly and if she went to register them after learning about his law firm. Rajeshwari asks if he thinks she can be manipulative, and Sagar replies that she is his role model. Digvijay angrily wonders how she dares speak to his mother in such a way, and Vedika questions about the fourth notice Rajeshwari mentioned.

Digvijay responds that it is wrong for Sagar to start a new law firm without informing his father. Sagar confronts his father and says he cannot talk like this to any girl. Rajeshwari replies Sagar is still a child and will return the summons when he learns the truth. Sagar apologizes, explaining it won’t happen; Vedika thinks that Sagar sir shouldn’t do it because if he did the same thing with his family, then there would be no difference,

In response to Digvijay’s statement that Sagar no longer cares about relations and that he is the father, Rajeshwari replies that even she does not like it. Sagar says how he can forget that his father ruined his childhood by sending him to boarding school to avoid the death of his uncle and the loss of his friend. Suphedra comes asking if all is well. Digvijay tells him that everything is fine. Sagar warns his father not to talk like this to his mother.

Sagar says he has not even raised his voice and it would not suit him, so Rajeshwari asks Digvijay to calm down, but Digvijay is furious. Vedika feels proud of Sagar sir since he is not like his family, Suphedra takes Sagar away and says they are going to meet in court, Rajeshwari sends the lady away when Vedika thinks she should leave before the Grandmother of Sagar sir says anything to her.

After asking Vedika where she was going, Rajeshwari explained that such things happen in big houses, but Vedika should not have intervened in Digvijay’s fight with Sagar. When Saraswathi is excited to see Vedika, she turns back. Rajeshwari says she is a colleague of Sagar, Deepika, but Vedika corrects her name. Rajeshwari says Vedika came to their house once at night, and Rajeshwari says it is Saraswathi’s responsibility to care for Kritika.

Saraswathi tells Vedika her name, and Rajeshwari questions the significance of a name. Rajeshwari then reminds Saraswathi not to get involved in Vedika’s legal matters before walking away. As Vedika stands in front of the temple, Saraswathi calls out to her. Upon turning around, Saraswathi tells Vedika that she shouldn’t leave like this, especially after reassuring them that everything will be handled in the morning. Without hesitation, Saraswathi takes Vedika with her as they pass by a worker who offers tea but is declined because it is lunchtime.

She informs Saraswathi that her parents will be waiting, then takes out her phone and calls their number. Vedika returns to see Saraswathi sitting at a table with a lot of food. Vedika is amazed at the dish. Saraswathi asks her if she likes it, and Vedika replies that she does. Vedika explains that she likes to make it in a roll and eat it.

Despite knowing all the children are the same, Saraswathi decides to feed her but then says Vedika might be feeling strange. Vedika replies she is fine and starts eating with Saraswathi, who thinks about Jhanvi. Vedika says this family has a lot of different people, and when she is very nice, they aren’t all good. Saraswathi says they are all adorable because they supported her when she didn’t have anyone.

Saraswathi doesn’t let Vedika answer the phone, but she tells Koyal it’s her, so Saraswathi answers the phone when Koyal asks if she is her mother. Saraswathi replies she will feed her, but Koyal says not to do so today because she has some work to do. Koyal replies Saraswathi can make Lady Fingers for her as she likes it. Vedika is glad that Koyal likes something other than tea. Saraswathi starts laughing loudly,

Vedika replies that she looks terrific while smiling and should remain like this. Rajeshwari stands behind the pillar. She thinks it took her twenty years to end Saraswathi’s smile and happiness, but she cannot comprehend why Vedika laughs after meeting Saraswathi. Rajeshwari says she cannot let it happen.

Maui scolds Koyal for wanting to eat from Saraswathi’s hands, but Koyal replies that she is eating home-cooked food and that they always order from outside. Mauri says that she always remembers her mother-in-law whenever she goes to the kitchen, and Koyal hugs her when she thinks they would not get anything if she didn’t do something.

As Suthedra takes the first aid box out of Sagar’s room, she tries to convince him that Vedika isn’t a nice girl, but Sagar assures her she is simply fighting for her rights and her father’s land. When Suphedra asks Sagar why, Sagar thinks about how he saw his father and then rushes to speak with Vedika. Sagar says he cannot explain it.

After Vedika praises Saraswathi for making such delicious food, Saraswathi asks if she can bring something, so she returns with the sweater. Saraswathi asks Vedika to try it, but she says Saraswathi would have made it for someone else. She is shocked when the shirt fits her perfectly, and she even asks for a second one, explaining she will give it to Koyal, who might be jealous after seeing it. Saraswathi gives it to Vedika.

When Vedika sees the knots, she asks Saraswathi what they are for. She replies that she was asking about whom she made the sweats for, revealing they were made for Jhanvi and Yamini, who both ran away from her one day, and everything was ruined. To calm herself down, Vedika hugs Saraswathi tightly and assures her that she will meet her daughters one day. Saraswathi does not realize that one of the knots in the saree opens.


When Sagar asks Vedika if she knows the judge, she replies that he is Honorable Mansoor Khan and knows he is very strict. Sagar replies that they need to be tough. Rajeshwari, standing with Digvijay, says Sagar thinks Dayal will get the bail, but it will happen when Vedika arrives at the court. Sagar walks towards them from the back to help Vedika when the criminals from Digvijay stop Vedika.

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