Mangal Lakshmi 4th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Adit’s Shocking Revelation Rocks the Family

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 4th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

What’s the reason for the chain you bought? Kusum asks. He says I got it for Somaiya. Now, everyone is shocked. Mangal says What kind of joke are you saying? This isn’t a joke, and it’s the truth. Mangal is stunned. Papa says how dare you say such things. Adit says it’s the truth. Kusum says it can’t happen. I’ll slap you. You’re my upbringing. We have dignity. Why say such things? Tell us this isn’t true.

Observe Mangal. Inform her that you have no relationship with her. There seems to be a misunderstanding. Someone, namely Miss CBI spy Lakshmi, firmly believes there is an issue. Can you confirm this, Lakshmi? She came by earlier today with a file and began questioning us. Mangal ended up in tears. Adit commented that perhaps you should consider a career as a spy instead of a tailor. Kusum inquires about his statement, to which he responds that Lakshmi wanted him to say those things, and he complied to appease her. I see no reason to prove myself while everyone else questions me constantly. It appears that all of this drama was created for the sake of causing trouble.

She made you drink bhaang and wanted to ruin your image, Gayatri says. Jiya puts a candle on her hand and sends a photograph to Karthik. He says I have to go for urgent work. Gayatri asks where.

Adit says she came to the office to check and created a drama. I said what she wanted. Lakshmi says Somaiya was wearing that chain. Wouldn’t that raise questions? Mangal, this is your sister who constantly questions others. He removes the chain and says, “I have that chain.” I don’t think there can be more than one chain with the same design. I did not bring this chain for Mangal. I bought it for you, Mom. I wanted to give it to you on grah pravesh.

After spotting Somaiya wearing it, I inquired about the details and had it custom-made for you. That was my mistake entirely. Kusum embraces him and affectionately calls him her son. It was Somaiya’s idea to devise this entire plan, and she instructed Adit to say what he did. This clever move will surely turn the tables around. But Lakshmi interjects, Mangal, however…Mangal quickly cuts her off, “Somaiya, no more utterances from you.” Adit has clarified everything and borrowed the design from Somaiya. Kusum reprimands Lakshmi for her doubts that are capable of ruining relationships. She reminds her to stay within her limits, although she understands her concern for Mangal. Adit chimes in, “She’s always after me.” He knows that she still suspects him and is plotting against him. Kusum remarks disdainfully, “What is there to trust? You will continue like this?”

It seems Kusum is asking Adit for his phone. Adit asks why. Mangal calls Somaiya from Mangal’s phone. Adit asks why. It is so we can see the same chain on Somaiya’s neck. She tells Adit to enter the password. She calls Somaiya. Kusum asks Adit to talk to Somaiya. Kusum asks Adit to talk to Somaiya. Somaiya replies, “Hi, Sir, the file is ready. When will you come? I’ve scheduled the meeting with the client.”

When Somaiya zooms out, she is wearing the same locket. Lakshmi is shocked. Adit says I will be there on time for the meeting. Adit says no questions or interactions. This isn’t very pleasant. Kusum says don’t get us wrong. I made this call to stop people from questioning you. Lakshmi says you made issues out of nothing. Mangal says it’s my fault. I’m sorry, Jeju. Adit hugs Kusum, and thanks for understanding. He leaves for work.

I almost died when Mangal said you had an affair with Somaiya. How could you say that so easily? I won’t be able to bear that. Kusum says trust your husband like I trusted my son. I had to prove my son was right. You have to build trust in him. You should have said you trust him. He gives her the necklace. Adit says thanks for trusting me, Mom.

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