Shiv Shakti 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Manorama Confronts Dadi and Mandira’s Plot Revealed

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The girl said that she trapped Rimjhim because she couldn’t get Shiv. Manorama slapped her and told her to shut up. Chacha told Rimjhim to stop. Manorama says Shakti would die for you, and you are blaming her? Rimjhim says didn’t you see what happened outside? Shakti plotted everything. There is no way Manorama will do this. You said they were bringing a proposal, but did they tell you which one they were bringing? Let’s clarify.

As Shakti sits with Dadi and gives her water, Manorama arrives with her family. She asks Dadi if they can choose between her daughters like she’s shopping. Dadi says what do you mean? Manorama says you people are rich, so you think you can do anything without us saying anything? You want to hear my decision, so here it is. She throws the bangles at Shakti after she takes the bangles.

According to Manorama, this is our decision. Dadi exclaims in response, questioning the misbehavior. She accuses Manorama of treating her daughters like mere toys and demands that she stop. Manorama then states that she has never witnessed her daughters fighting and will not tolerate anyone hurting them. She advises Dadi to discuss the proposal with their son before presenting it here. Confused, Dadi asks what she means. Mandira believes it’s best not to let them clarify things and declares that enough is enough. She claims they have been constantly insulted, but Manorama has gone too far by disrespecting Dadi today.

Despite our initial belief, we are not met with gratitude. As a result, we have decided to depart and refrain from future visits to your home. As everyone watches, Shakti notices Dadi’s injury and retrieves her bangles. Dadi expresses disappointment in the outcome of our visit, acknowledging that perhaps it was not meant to be. Mandira suggests we leave, and they all do so. Mandira casts a menacing look at Shakti as she leaves before deliberately ruining her rangoli by stepping on it. Shocked by this act, Shakti declares that she will retaliate and leaves the scene.

Shiv is waiting for the family to return and sees Shakti calling her. Shiv says what? Shakti says I don’t know what is going on. Shiv says I had no idea what was happening. Shakti says Manorama blasted on Dadi, and you must handle everything now. He says sure and ends the call. As she turns to see Rimjhim crying, she wonders why Mandira wants to marry Keertan when she hates him.

Shiv approaches the family and inquires about the bangles given to Shakti during their visit for Keertan-Rimjhim’s proposal. Raghunath is taken aback and asks for clarification. Shiv then reveals that Shakti had informed him about a proposal being made for her. Keertan suggests it may be a misunderstanding. Ragunath clarifies that they went to seek Shiv’s hand in marriage for Shakti. This surprises Shiv, who expresses his disbelief in the thought of marrying her and ruining her life. Dadi joins them and confirms that this proposal is no longer an option. All are left speechless.

Rimjhim tries to talk to Shakti, but she says you want to show off that you are not. 1, and I am always below you? You couldn’t get Shiv, so you trapped Keertan. I was blind. Shakti says all this is confusing. Shiv tells the family they had a misunderstanding. The proposal was about Keertan and Rimjhim. Ragunath asks Shiv who said to him that. He answers Mandira. Everyone looks on.

She is a liar, Rimjhim tells Shakti because your truth is that you destroyed your sister’s life. Shakti says, “Don’t say all that.” Rimjhim says Keertan will never marry me because you are alone, but Shakti says listen to me. He says you are dead to me. In Shakti’s view, you blame your sister for being an outsider. It would be best to talk to Keertan about why those people chose me over you and why he sent me a proposal. Dharam says she is right.

Dadi asks Mandira if she said that to Shiv. Mandira says there is some confusion, and Shiv says you lied to everyone and told me Keertan and Rimjhim love each other.

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