Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 28th November 2023 Written Update

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The Episode commences with the man recollecting Shubh’s true nature. Shubh then proceeds to tease Adi, who leaves feeling dejected. Shubh extends an invitation to the man for the wedding. Kavya returns home and questions Anjali about Shubh’s statements. Gauri confirms that the wedding is scheduled for next month as their pandit ji from Kanpur has finalized the auspicious date. Kavya reiterates that she does not love Shubh and is not willing to marry him. When Jaideep and Rajeev arrive, Kavya expresses her frustration about Shubh deciding their marriage without her consent. Shubh interrupts and challenges her to reveal the real reason behind her refusal to marry him in front of everyone. Kavya pleads with him to stop but he insists on her telling her father the truth herself.

The man believes Shubh is not suitable for Kavya, so I want to tell her the truth. However, my wife questions how we can do so since the wedding date is already set. He insists that Shubh is a dishonest person. She then suggests confronting him directly. He responds by saying we should not get involved in their relationship. Rajeev asks for an update on what Shubh has been saying. Kavya expresses her desire to not be distracted by their opinions. Shubh adds that he wishes this was all false. Jaideep assures Kavya that no one will pressure her into making a decision and encourages her to continue with her daily activities. She thanks them for their support and apologizes for any trouble caused with regards to Shubh’s behavior.

She argues. Jaideep says she’s right, it’s a big decision. Kavya gets scolded by Gauri. Jaideep feels unwell. Kavya says I didn’t say yes. Jaideep falls. All of them look at him and ask what happened to him. Anjali gets water. Shubh asks Kavya to get back, this happened because of her. Rajeev calls the ambulance. Jaideep is taken to the hospital. Gauri scolds Kavya.

Kavya offers comfort to Gauri, who blames her for the situation and pleads for her to agree to marry Jaideep in order to save his life. Just then, a man arrives and notices Kavya. He addresses Gauri and inquires about Jaideep’s condition. Gauri responds that doctors are examining him. The man asks if Kavya is her mother, to which she confirms. He proceeds to reveal that Shubh was not telling the truth and wrongly accused Adi of hurting him. He confesses that he witnessed Shubh inflicting harm on himself and blaming Adi instead. He urges Gauri to reconsider the marriage proposal as Shubh’s family did not raise him well. Gauri scolds him, but he apologizes and expresses concern for Kavya’s well-being, stating that Adi makes her happy and would be a better match for her. Angrily, Gauri tells him to keep his opinions to himself.

Kavya sends him. She says doctor’s calling you, uncle… Gauri asks what happened. Shubh comes and says dad suffered a heart attack. Gauri asks what happened. She asks the doctor whether Jaideep is fine. He hugs Gauri and Shubh. She asks him to sit. Mayank comes. He calls Adi. He says go to the city hospital, your uncle Jaideep has died. Adi is shocked.

Kavya sees Jaideep and prays for him. Shubh smiles seeing her. Gauri asks if you can accept losing her. She asks what you did. Shubh asks what I did. Doctor says we can’t say anything now, the next 24 hours are crucial. Kavya cries.

Adi comes to see Jaideep. Kavya runs and hugs him. She cries. Shubh says I got hurt by a nail, Omi came to me and gave me this idea, Kavya told you, and I love her. Gauri says the watchman told me everything thinking I was Kavya’s mother, so I sent him. He says, “I will handle this.” Gauri turns and sees Anjali. Anjali asks Shubh whether he falsely accused Adi. Shubh gets angry with Adi and pushes Kavya. Adi and Shubh argue.

As Kavya asks them to stop, Sanjeev supports Adi. Anjali says you trusted me, Kavya recognized Shubh’s truth. Gauri replies that you are misinterpreting Shubh. Anjali says I will tell her the truth. Gauri says fine, tell everyone, everyone is talking about Kavya and Adi’s closeness, Rajeev will be happy, Adi is his favorite.

Shubh asks Adi to get lost. Adi says I will meet Jaideep Sir. Rajeev is behind Shubh. Shubh falls back. Rajeev scolds Adi. Adi leaves. Kavya is sad.


Kavya scolds Shubh. Shubh threatens Kavya. The watchman tells the truth to Shubh.

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