Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 22nd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the Episode begins, Akshara signs Abhimanyu, while Shefali urges Manjiri to trust her. Despite Suwarna’s understanding of your anger, Akshara is fighting this case for a significant cause. Manish is uncertain about whether it is a wise decision or a grave mistake. Akshara reveals that she has evidence in the form of a video clip that will prove Abhimanyu’s innocence. The judge grants her permission to present it in court. As they watch the video, everyone is shocked and overcome with emotion. Overwhelmed by what she sees, even Akshara tears up and takes a sip of water. She points out that the footage was recorded on Shefali’s phone and clearly shows Abhimanyu’s efforts to save Abhinav instead of harming him.

The judge inquires why the evidence was not presented earlier. Akshara explains that Shefali was unaware of it, and it was a chance occurrence. Shefali recalls filming a friendly football game with a beautiful backdrop, but then witnesses an argument between the children. Unaware of Abhimanyu and Abhinav’s presence in the video, she tells them to stop fighting. Akshara clarifies that Abhimanyu and Abhinav were close friends, and the incident was an accident. Despite Abhimanyu’s attempt to save him, he could not, and that is all there is to it. Manjiri and the others are moved to tears.

The judge declared Abhimanyu free of any charges, leading Manjiri to embrace him in relief. She had always believed in her son’s innocence, and expressed her fear for his safety. He reassured her by reminding her to have faith in him. Akshara chimed in, saying that truth isn’t always obvious and can be different from what we perceive it to be. She then elaborated on her explanation, acknowledging that they had wrongly accused Abhimanyu and it was meant to be due to fate. They all had to accept this decision and also the fact that Abhinav had left them. Manish apologized for his actions, knowing that no one else would have understood without concrete evidence. Abhimanyu expressed his gratitude towards Akshara, acknowledging that she was the only one who stood by him throughout.

He acknowledges that we may not fully comprehend the pain you have endured. You bravely exposed the truth and stood up for me when no one else believed in me. I regret not returning the favor and standing up for you. I let you down, but you are a far better person than I am and I apologize and thank you. Manjiri and Abhimanyu step out to chat. Abhimanyu confesses that he couldn’t have lived with the false accusation of murder. Manish arrives and expresses his remorse, admitting that he should have had faith in him. They share a heartfelt embrace. Manjiri admits that she too had doubts about Akshara when she went against all of you to fight the case.

As she apologized to Akshara, the latter embraced her. Acknowledging the shared grief of losing a son, she assured her that there was no bitterness towards her. When Kairav brought up Abhimanyu’s recent acquittal in court, Muskaan expressed her discontent with how it wouldn’t bring back their son Abhinav, as it was Abhimanyu who had taken him there and caused his death. Surekha agreed, questioning why he would make Abhinav drink in the first place. Knowing that Abhir would be relieved to hear about his innocence, Akshara promised to inform him upon returning home. Despite the good news, Abhimanyu couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming pain of his loss and could only offer support for their grieving friend.

When Abhir asks if Docman is free, he asks Akshara if he can get my Papa back. Akshara says no. He says he is the best doctor and Papa’s friend as well. Akshara hugged Abhir and said Papa is your guiding light. Getting angry with this pain, Manish says he needs time to learn to fight it, stay strong. He leaves. She says I can’t. He goes.

Shivansh and Ruhi perform Abhimanyu’s aarti. Everyone smiles. Abhimanyu apologizes, don’t worry, I’ve come back. Ruhi asks him to come. She says sleep on my lap, no one will bother you now. He lies down and thanks her for helping him. He asks her to end the fight with Abhir. Abhinav won’t come back again, so we need to look after Abhir. She says okay.

He says he will contact Akshara to inquire about a suitable time to meet Abhir. Manish answers the call and Abhimanyu asks for permission to visit Abhir. Manish responds that he is welcome to come at any time, but informs him that Abhir is currently resting. Abhimanyu agrees to come in the evening. Manjiri sends the children away. Abhimanyu questions if Manish is avoiding him due to Abhir’s sleeping state, but Shefali reassures him that it could simply be a nap and not to overthink it. Later, when he meets Akshara and Abhir, he finds the child asleep and becomes emotional, asking if he can return tomorrow instead. Akshara assures him that he is welcome anytime.


Abhimanyu and Akshara try to help Abhir. Abhir goes. Abhimanyu says he is depressed. Akshara says he has run away. They check the cupboard.


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