Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July 2023 Written Update

Written episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July 2023 on

As the episode begins, Shefali and Nishta discuss Shivu and Abhir. Shefali says Abhir behaved that way before, which triggers her. Mahima and Manjiri also fought, and Abhimanyu said he would speak to Abhir. Shefali says Abhir doesn’t talk these days. Nishta goes. Shefali thinks about talking to Akshara. She calls Akshara. The call goes through. Manjiri folds her hands and asks Shefali not to speak. She disconnects the call.

Shefali calls Akshara back. Manjiri says she’ll hate us more if she knows, Abhir needs time to adjust. Shefali calls Akshara and apologizes. Akshara asks if everything is okay. Shefali says yes, Abhir is sleeping, I’ll ask him to call you. Shefali worries. She receives a message.

After dropping the phone, Akshara excitedly shares with Abhinav that she has landed an internship. Everyone present at the scene applauds and Abhinav congratulates Akshara while hugging her, expressing his pride in her accomplishment. Kairav and Muskaan jokingly cough and tease the couple as they hug each other. They also extend their congratulations to Akshara. Recognizing her determination, Manish reminds her that her parents would have been proud of her. Dadi even offers to get new clothes for Akshara’s job. However, Akshara humbly mentions that the stipend for this position is only 20000rs and it is just a starting point for her. To encourage her, Manish assures her that it will surely increase and suggests calling Abhir to share the good news with him. Unfortunately, he has already fallen asleep and Akshara decides to inform him about it tomorrow. As Abhimanyu catches sight of Abhir, memories of their conversation come rushing back to him.

He asks why aren’t you happy with me. Aarohi says I told you he belongs to Akshara and Abhinav, he isn’t happy here. He asks her not to keep saying it over and over. He says you are not helping anyone. She apologizes. Akshara gets ready and comes. Everyone congratulates her. Dadi does her aarti. She asks Akshara to take Kanha’s blessings. Akshara says no, I won’t talk to him until my son returns.

Akshara receives the bag from Abhinav and he tells her to work hard. She thinks I’m very lucky to have you with me. He says I called Abhimanyu, and Abhir will call us after school. After he gives her her tiffin, Akshara thanked him. The principal calls. The principal complains about Abhir. Akshara is shocked.

Kairav says it will be related to Abhir. Akshara runs. Abhinav follows. Abhimanyu says you’ve sent Ruhi and Abhir outside, he missed school. Manjiri says I sent him with Aarohi, he didn’t want to be here. He says you should have asked me, since I had to talk to him. The principal shows Abhir’s text copy. She says I don’t know raising things, right. He says I didn’t mean that, we need to speak about Abhir and Shivu.

Akshara says this isn’t possible. Principal says I know he is a class topper, but he has a big change, and attitude problem, he back answered his teacher last week. In Akshara’s mind, Abhir cannot do this. Principal says things have changed, kids from broken families find it hard to adapt. Akshara asks why she wasn’t notified sooner.

Abhimanyu is the signed guardian, according to the principal. I told his mom that Abhir would be detained today, but he didn’t come, and she didn’t do anything, so I contacted you. You did well, Abhinav said. We’ll explain Abhir to you, he’s an intelligent boy. The principal said we’ll give his seat to someone else. She left.

She tells Abhinav to go home, and she says I’ll handle it. Manjiri thinks he knows where she is going. He prays. Akshara shouts and asks where is my son. Manjiri says he has gone out with Aarohi. Akshara asks why he isn’t at school. She sees Shivansh. She meets him and asks him why he hasn’t been at school. Shivu says Abhir has beaten me. Abhimanyu comes and sends Shivu with Nishta.


Manjiri says I will go to court and get the permission revoked. Akshara gets the court notice and cries. Abhinav says we will go to Kasauli.


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