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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Upon returning from the boy’s house, Bhavani remarks on how well she was treated by his family. She notices that their home is quite spacious, which reminds her of their own residence, Chavan nivas. Inquisitive, Ninad asks for confirmation and Bhavani affirms that it is indeed a large house. Despite the previous day’s incident, Ashwini is surprised to hear that the boy’s family is visiting again today. Bhavani explains that the boy himself is eager to meet Savi and convinced his father to come back. Turning to Harini, she requests for Savi to be dressed and ready to meet the visitors. She silently hopes for a smoother encounter this time around. Just then, Isha enters and questions whether Bhavani is rushing to get her granddaughter married.

Riva joins Ishan on his trekking trip and takes some photos of him. She also admires some lovely yellow flowers and puts one behind her ear. Curiously, she asks Ishan for his opinion, to which he simply answers “It’s good.” Despite her efforts to cheer him up, he remains solemn and questions her sanity. Riva comments on how pleasant the environment and their company are, but notices that his smile is missing. Ishan explains that he purposely wanted some alone time but Riva’s constant chatter is disrupting it. He suggests that she sit somewhere else and talk to herself if she enjoys talking so much. Sadly, Riva is disappointed with his behavior.

Whenever Bhavani asks Isha who she is, Isha replies, “Forget about me and look at her granddaughter.”. Ashwini says Savi won a trophy in a debate competition yesterday. Bhavani asks if Isha is Isha. Isha tells Bhavani she’s Savi’s teacher. Savi hears her voice and gets out of the room through the window. Isha says their granddaughter should continue her studies.

In her view, Bhavani is spoiling Savi, and Ramtek people rumor about her wearing mangalsutras, but her husband and family do not live with her and no one knows what happens in her house. Bhavani insults Savi’s teacher, and she says whatever she has achieved is because of Isha madam. Isha says it’s okay since she’s used to it. She asks Bhavani not to let her granddaughter finish her studies and achieve her dreams.

Bhavani proclaims her destiny as a housewife and adamantly refuses to be told what to do. Ashwini points out that Savi’s education need not end after marriage, citing Savi’s mother as an example of continuing studies with the support of her husband. Isha reminds them that Savi’s father being a good man does not guarantee her husband will support her. Bhavani angrily orders Isha to leave her home. Savi interjects, asking Bhavani to stop disrespecting her teacher, as she has agreed to meet the boy’s family. She accompanies Isha outside and apologizes for not being able to change Bhavani’s attitude. However, Savi tells Isha not to worry about her and sees her off instead.

As Ishan ventures further from the base camp, rain begins to pour down. In that moment, his thoughts turn to Riva. Without hesitation, he hurries back to her side and questions why she chose to stay and get soaked in the downpour. With love in her eyes, Riva reveals that she couldn’t bring herself to leave him either. Meanwhile, Ashwini helps Savi get ready for a special occasion by dressing her in a sari. Savi protests, but Ashwini shares how even her own mother used to resist change and yet couldn’t bear to be away from her father. Encouraging Savi to smile rather than frown, Ashwini points out that Savi’s expression is mirroring that of their grandmother’s disapproval.

After Ashwini’s efforts, Savi is finally ready and is introduced to the boy’s family. The boy, who goes by Samarth, introduces himself and offers his hand for a handshake. Savi politely greets him with a namaste instead. Samarth’s mother comments to her relative that Savi can speak well. The relative then asks where Savi was yesterday. Bhavani explains that Savi missed her bus and had informed her about it, but she forgot. Savi’s father then points out an article about her in the newspaper and jokingly mentions that she is skilled in arguing. The relative adds on that they do not want their future daughter-in-law to study further or engage in debates. As the conversation continues, Savi glances at Bhavani.


The mother of Samarth says Savi looks beautiful. She asks Savi to walk, sing. Savi says she knows how to dance and dances to Chikni Chameli.

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