Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Mihika hugging Ranbir. Prachi tries to leave when Ranbir holds her hand, but Mihika still hugs him even when she sees him holding her hand. Akshay comes to Prachi and asks her to come, and says we’ll sit there. Mihika thanks Prachi. Manpreet asks if I’ll get soup for you. Prachi asks about Khushi? Manpreet says she’s sleeping.

Vishaka reassures her not to worry. Mihika informs Ranbir that Akshay only listened to his wife, despite everyone’s urging to withdraw the complaint. She acknowledges their mutual dislike for each other and the concern it causes, but assures him that everything is now resolved. Akshay insists that all is not well, and reveals that they both know of their animosity towards each other. He states that during Mihika’s wedding, he will pick up his shoes and tolerate his tantrums, but for now he should leave. Mihika adds that no one wants him to go.

Ranbir explains that he has no desire to leave. He expresses his respect for everyone and states that if they request him to depart, he will comply. He mentions his responsibility towards his daughter, who is currently experiencing trauma after the accident. Ranbir assures that he will stay to take care of her before departing. Upon hearing this, Akshay addresses him as “brother” and admits to speaking too harshly earlier. He conveys his gratitude for Ranbir’s help in saving his wife and daughter and embraces him warmly. Ranbir is taken aback by Akshay’s unexpected display of affection.

Akshay sits in the dark. Mihika says problems will not go away if you sit in the dark. Akshay asks her to speak clearly. Mihika asks Akshay why did he agree to let Ranbir stay here. Akshay says everyone wanted him to be here, so I agreed and asked him to stay here, and asks if you are insane? Mihika says I wanted him to go to Pallavi aunty’s house, and she asks why you said you would do as Prachi said.

According to Akshay, he said it to keep Prachi happy. He says you are right, if Ranbir and Prachi get together, none of us will get our love. He says he loves Prachi and will get her no matter what. He asks her to go and says he wants to do the planning. As he gives her shocks and heart attacks, Mihika asks him to tell her about his plans. Ashok hears them and leaves. He calls the doctor and tells him he is Ashok Tandon.

Doctor asks him to say. Ashok tells Doctor about Akshay and Mihika. Doctor asks him not to fight with them and says you have to be away from them. He says they’ll go back to the phase of seven years ago. Ashok tells Manpreet about what doctor said. He tells her about Akshay and Mihika might go back to the phase of seven years ago. Manpreet becomes ill.

He tells Vikram on the phone that he is going to Prachi and Khushi’s room. He enters Prachi’s room and says you are sleeping peacefully, take your medicine tomorrow. Mihika stares at him. Ranbir keeps his hand on Prachi’s head and leaves. Akshay sits on the couch staring at him. He comes near Prachi and says he wants to see her every night like this, and he wants to sleep with her in the bed. He leaves.

In his room, Ranbir is walking when Mihika comes in and tells him that she feels scared. He asks why? She asks him to hold her hand, telling him that everything seems to be slipping from her hands. He says I’ll bring you water. He asks her to sit. Mihika tells him that nobody cares about her so much. Ranbir says I’ve already told you that already… He asks why you’re acting weirdly.

In the conversation, Mihika reminds him of their engagement and says that if my alliance breaks, my father will die, my mother will become a widow and my bua will lose her brother. In addition to asking him to save her family, she suggests meeting Prachi and spending time with her, but not leaving her (Mihika). She says that you wanted to be here with Prachi, and asks what I did wrong? She asks what I am trying to convey?

In an effort to make her understand, Ranbir says it is a matter of respect for me and all. Mihika asks why you are not worried. He says he understands. Mihika hugs him. Ranbir tells her to rest in her room because her condition is bad. He takes her from there. Ashokm hears them. As she goes with him, Mihika smiles/smirks.

Ranbir enters the kitchen and takes a drink of water. Prachi soon joins him, prompting him to ask why she’s there. “Shopping,” she replies casually. He presses for a serious answer, to which she responds that she’s come to make aloo parathas for him, since he enjoys them. Ranbir offers to make toast for everyone, but Prachi tells him that she already prepared the stuffing. “Just be careful not to add too much spice,” he cautions her due to his dislike for spicy food. She assures him that she knows this and Mihika overhears their conversation. Seizing an opportunity, Mihika decides to increase the amount of chilli powder in the dish before discreetly leaving the kitchen. Meanwhile, Prachi receives a call from Shahana and becomes occupied with talking on the phone. With Prachi distracted, Mihika sneaks back into the kitchen and adds more chilli powder before quietly exiting once again. Eventually, Prachi finishes her call and wraps up her task in the kitchen without realizing what Mihika had done while she was preoccupied.

Khushi dances with Akshay. Ranbir comes there. Khushi hugs him, and says Papa. Ranbir says cutie, how’s it going? She tells Ashok how superhero daughter will be, and how she wants to be strong and brave like him. The woman tells Ashok that Papa saved them and that their car brakes failed. She says Papa brought a truck and stopped on the road. She says I was scared and crying.

As a result, Akshay breaks the glass angrily. He says he broke it by mistake. Vishaka comes to Akshay. Akshay whispers to her that Ranbir took Prachi to his side. Vishaka says she’s a girl. Ranbir says Prachi brings aloo ke paratha. Ashok says she makes tasty aloo paratha. Ashok says whenever Prachi makes it, I used to have a lot. Ashok confirms.

While Ranbir is about to eat it, Mihika stops him as she thinks she can’t see his pain. Ranbir says Prachi made it. Akshay says Prachi doesn’t know that you eat less spicy. Prachi replies, “I know and Ranbir told me as well.” Ranbir eats the paratha and feels it spicy. Prachi brings honey and makes him eat it. Mihika asks Prachi if she deliberately added chilli to the paratha to make enmity with him. Prachi tries to be with him, but Mihika pushes her and asks Ranbir if he is fine.


Akshay tells Mihika that this woman (Manpreet) loves Ranbir more than him and Prachi more than her. Mihika tells her that she does not deserve to be called their mother. Prachi hears her. While Divya alerts her, Mihika cuts the gas cylinder pipe off to kill Prachi.


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