Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 2nd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bhakti announcing that there has been a significant promotion and a new engagement in their midst. She urges them to see the ring. Curious, everyone turns to Aradhana for answers on Reyansh’s whereabouts. Aradhana replies that she will freshen up before joining them. As she walks away, tears streaming down her face. Sunaina catches wind of the office gossip and calls for everyone’s attention. She reminds them that this is considered confidential information, and if anyone leaks it out, there will be consequences. Glancing outside, she notices a man waiting and inquires about his presence. He explains that he lost his job and came to collect his final paycheck. Without hesitation, Sunaina asks him to retrieve it from the front desk before leaving. The man smiles and complies with her request.

As tears stream down Aradhana’s face, Judaai plays in the background. Meanwhile, Reyansh takes a sip of his drink and happens to catch sight of Aradhana standing behind the bar. He angrily accuses her of deceiving him, declaring that she is his first and last love and that he was right to think it is dangerous to trust women. In his anger, he throws objects around the bar causing a commotion. The manager approaches him and asks if he knows Reyansh, to which the girl by the bar replies that they get many troubled lovers at this establishment. The manager remarks that Reyansh must be mad, but the girl corrects him saying that he is simply heartbroken. Eventually, guards escort Reyansh out of the place as he leaves behind his phone and wallet. As they leave, Sunaina expresses her disappointment in Reyansh’s behavior, while another lady defends Aradhana, stating that she cannot possibly be responsible for Reyansh’s actions. Sunaina can’t believe what she’s hearing as she considers Reyansh a close friend and boss; despite this, she acknowledges that he is acting out of anger and not thinking clearly.

The girl accuses him of hurting Aradhana, but no one will believe she is wrong. He claims to love her, but Sunaina suspects he is only seeking revenge. While I like him, I am not envious of their relationship. As a woman first, I will not tolerate his actions. Reyansh’s decision to file a case against Aradhana seems to be driven by personal motives.

Sunaina reveals he has a vengeful attitude and she never imagined he would go this far. The girl adds that he is willing to destroy everything in his path. Sunaina sympathizes with poor Aradhana, as everyone watches the shocking news unfold. Harsh calls for Aradhana to come out and she is taken aback by what she sees on the screen – her reputation tarnished due to false harassment accusations from Reyansh.

Harsh informs us that we will be filing a police complaint as the pictures have been altered. Sharma assures us that they are fabricating false news. Pooja agrees and requests for the video to be turned off. She then instructs the guests to leave and assigns Aradhana to handle the situation in the office. Aradhana breaks down and accuses Reyansh of publicly sharing the video as a form of revenge against her. Harsh interrupts and asks if she is claiming ownership of the video. Through tears, Aradhana confirms that it is indeed hers and expresses shock at Reyansh’s betrayal, stating that they were planning to get married. She never imagined he would deceive her in this way. Harsh slaps her in response.

Vikram is inquisitive about the situation and wants to know who leaked the news. Sunaina explains that the news has also been broadcasted on another channel, despite her earlier attempts to keep it under wraps. She suggests calling Reyansh for more information. Determined to find out the truth, Vikram reaches out to Shambu and enquires about Reyansh’s whereabouts. However, Shambu reveals that he hasn’t returned home yet. Concerned, Vikram presses for more details on Reyansh’s location. Meanwhile, Vivek and Kadambari come across the news and Shambu informs them that Vikram is looking for Reyansh. Agitated by this unexpected turn of events, she expresses her frustration, feeling as though her joy has been snatched away before it could even begin as a mother’s love for her child is often compared to light in darkness.

Vivek says Reyansh always hurts others. Sharma asks Harsh to talk to Aradhana, then they will go. Harsh says no need to go. Bhakti asks him to stop the drama. He says we can’t show our faces to anyone right now. Aradhana says listen to me once. She is asked to leave by him.

Bhakti intervenes, preventing Harsh from speaking. He blames her for the recent events and angrily leaves. Reyansh wanders down the street, drinking. Shambu appears and takes him back home. Meanwhile, Harsh orders Aradhana to leave and fetches her bag. Tearfully, she pleads for forgiveness from her father, but he scolds her for disregarding their values and siding with that woman. Bhakti tells him to stop talking. Confused, Aradhana asks what is going on. Harsh reveals that she is not their biological daughter, shocking everyone in attendance.

Harsh says your mom got defamed like you, we adopted you and raised you, you are also like her. Bhakti tears. Harsh says she was your mom’s friend, I told her we wouldn’t adopt you. Aradhana says she was my mother. He says no, your mother was a characterless woman, she was an unwedded mother, she destroyed her parents’ names, I don’t know if she is alive or dead. Aradhana is shocked.


Harsh asks Reyansh to leave. Aradhana cries. Vivek scolds Reyansh and shows him the video.

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