Anupama 29th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 29th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama reminds Kavya that she doesn’t need to lecture her on motherhood, as she has given lengthy lectures numerous times before. She simply wants to suggest that Kavya cherishes every moment with her child, as they grow up quickly from crawling to getting married. Paakhi declares it’s time for fun now. The entire Shah and Kapadia families dance to the song “Salam-e-Ishq”. Paakhi and Adhik seem hesitant to dance together. Anupama expresses gratitude towards Anuj for bringing so much joy into her life. Anuj reassures her that he would do anything for her. Vanraj remarks on how perfect everything is. Unfortunately, juice spills on Paakhi’s dress and she excuses herself to clean up. Adhik follows her. Leela takes notice of this.

Nakul anxiously knocks on Malti Devi’s door and inquires about her well-being and the reason for her self-isolation. He also expresses concern about her blood pressure and questions the contents of a message she received. As Malti Devi remembers receiving Dimpy’s message about Kavya’s baby shower, she is overwhelmed with emotions and recalls her own joyous baby shower where her husband promised to fulfill all their dreams. However, as she comes back to reality, she breaks down. Meanwhile, Adhik follows Paakhi and persists in trying to talk to her despite her attempts to avoid him the day before. She questions his persistence despite knowing her desire to be left alone.

Adhik is yelling about her desire to join Anuj’s office despite lacking qualifications or experience, revealing her true intentions of causing trouble for him and his sister. Meanwhile, Leela struggles with each step on the stairs. In addition, Malti Devi reflects on giving birth to her child and how her teacher manipulated her into prioritizing her dream of becoming a famous dancer over being a mother. As she returns from her memories, Malti Devi ponders the sacrifices required for talent and fame, criticizing Anupama for foolishly choosing her family over her aspirations. She questions why women are expected to make such sacrifices.

Then Adhik insists that Paakhi should not join the office. Paakhi says he’s afraid she’s going to expose him and his sister, and she won’t need to join the office to expose them. He slaps her. Paakhi shocked shouts, “How dare you!” and tries to slap him back. Leela enters the room and Adhik pleads with Paakhi not to beat him. Leela yells at Paakhi if she’s so shameless with her husband.

Adhik hits Paakhi first, she says. Adhik acts. Leela yells at Paakhi about not letting them and her mother be in peace since Malti Devi is already troubling her. Adhik asks her to calm down and end the issue right here. He takes her down. Adhik tells Leela not to tell Anupama about it, thinking Paakhi has her mother’s courage and will tolerate Adhik’s atrocities. Anupama asks what?

A flashback shows Malti Devi thanking her husband for the biggest gift of her life, and she thinks Anupama is troubling her mentally repeatedly. Malti Devi says she doesn’t need her son as she has to sacrifice her dance for him and her husband is just a clerk who can’t fulfill her dreams.

A heartbroken husband tells her he never stopped her from pursuing her dreams, and he will take care of their son from today onward so she can pursue her dance dreams. When Malti Devi leaves her baby, Anupama asks Leela and Adhik what she will learn. Leela is crying and she asks if anything has happened. Leela says yes.


Anupama is told by Kavya that her baby belongs to Anirudh, not Vanraj, and she asks her how to correct her error. Their conversation is heard by Vanraj.

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