Anupama 3rd January 2024 Written Update: Dimpy Confronts Kavya, Titu’s Bold Confession Shakes Vanraj

Anupama written update

Anupama 3rd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimpy is working in the kitchen. Kavya comes and asks Dimpy not to become a machine and to rest. Dimpy says the work is done and asks her to leave. Kavya says we will finish the work together. Dimpy asks her if she missed Mahi. She says she always misses her, but it was hard to leave her this time. A few years ago, we had a lot of independence. Dimpy says we wiped it for our children.

We were weak, according to Kavya, not our motherhood. While she says you are carrying this for Ansh and I am holding it for Mahi, the truth is that neither of us dared to leave alone, so we chose this abusive sasural and this disinterested husband. According to her, Mahi didn’t leave her when she arrived here, and her 5-year-old daughter is depressed and hasn’t been able to study for a month.

She cries and asks her to bring her home, saying bringing her here would be very painful for Mahi since Vanraj is just Ansh’s Dada and he will never love her, and Pakhi is staying here, so she might speak up. Even though she might not have family’s love, Dimpy says she will get her mother’s love and says Babu ji and I will love her as well. It is not just Mahi who needs her, it is also you who need her. She asks her to take risks for her and to think about it.

Aadhya stands outside and looks at Anupama, who works in the restaurant. She says I hate this woman, so why did I come here? Anupama turns back and looks at her, but Aadhya hides. As she leaves the room, she spots Aadhya standing. He gets tense. Dimpy is approached by Pakhi, who throws a bottle at her and asks her to bring water. Kavya says let her get it. Dimpy thinks she can at least shower her love on Ishani and says she could not become Ansh’s mother.

Kavya confirms that Anupama has taken on the role of mother, but we could not do so. Anupama affectionately calls her bebli, prompting Aadhya to ask for clarification. Anupama explains that she sees Aadhya as a daughter, so she uses the nickname. She also apologizes and offers any assistance Aadhya may need. However, Aadhya dismisses her attempt at making things right and leaves. As she exits, her keychain falls, and Anupama notices her name, realizing that Shruti’s daughter is Aadhya. Meanwhile, Ansh and Ishani play while Baa sleeps, and Kavya asks Dimpy to care for them in Baa and Vanraj’s absence.

Just then, Titu appears. He greets Kavya and mentions that he is on his way there. Ansh claims the ball belongs to him, and Titu graciously hands it over. Ansh introduces himself and compliments Titu’s jacket. In response, Titu offers to get one for him too. Ansh is taken aback and asks for clarification on Titu’s identity. Upon learning that he is their uncle, Ansh embraces him warmly.

Meanwhile, Vanraj observes them from his room window while Dimpy grows anxious. Approaching Ishani, Titu inquires about her name before impressing the kids with a magic trick. Suddenly, Vanraj intervenes by snatching the ball and asserts that he will now show them a magic trick. Concerned, Dimpy urges the children to go inside, but Ansh refuses.

Dimpy quickly takes the others aside, and her worry is evident for Titu. Kavya explains that she prevented Tapish from leaving. Anuj inquires about Aadhya’s whereabouts, and she responds calmly. She then sits in the car, but not before getting her saree thread tangled with Anupama’s bracelet. Meanwhile, Vikram approaches Anupama and requests that she be present elsewhere. Vanraj confronts her and asks why she returned when she does not value their relationship. Titu confesses his feelings for Dimpy despite her request to stay away, prompting Vanraj to warn him of the consequences. Nonetheless, Titu remains firm in his decision and questions whether Vanraj would listen to a stranger’s words instead of his family member’s.

He says neither Dimpy nor I will let Ansh go anywhere. He says I’m trying to explain things to you, but if you’re here, I won’t leave you. Titu says Dimpy is your daughter, which is good, but you’ve controlled her and even caged her breath. Dimpy likes me, but he knows I am the reason she is silent. He asks her to think of her as his daughter, and then you will realize how wrong you were.

You may even think, if you don’t look after her, what will happen to Dimpy, who will be so accustomed to your cage that she will forget to fly, and what will happen to your grandson, who will look after him? Vanraj gets shocked when he asks if you’ve ever considered it. He says he’s not a father, but I know fathers aren’t so selfish.


Vikram tells Yashpal that they need more help. Yashpal asks Anupama to make food fast. Anupama makes food fast. Yashpal tastes it. Shruti calls Anupama and asks if you could make Indian food for Aadhya’s birthday party.

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