Anupama written update 2nd March 2023

Anupama written update

Kavya is waiting for Vanraj and Baa. Baa taunts her as soon as she enters. Vanraj and Kavya get into an argument. Bapuji reminds them that tomorrow is MahaShivratri pooja, so prepare and he does not want negativity on the pooja day. A grand Pooja has been planned by Bapuji with the Kapadia family participating as well.

The Pooja is also on the agenda for Anupama, but Maaya is looking at pictures on her laptop with a smile on her face. Maaya does not like Little Anu and Anupama spending time together. Upon the arrival of Anuj and Ankush, Maaya goes forward to welcome them but is ignored by everyone.

Anuj plans a grand birthday celebration for Anupama, which is a couple of days later. Maaya pitches to help with the preparations, but Anuj insists that he will handle everything by himself. Anuj informs everyone that Bapuji has organized a pooja and he has invited all couples to attend. Maaya asks if she can join, and Anupama agrees. Maaya thinks to herself that, since the Pooja is for couples, she should also attend.

Recalling her chat with Maaya, Kavya remembers how she had wronged Anupama at the time of her own marriage to Vanraj. Thus, she resolves to put a stop to whatever transgression is occurring and secure an unhampered relationship between Anuj and Anupama. Just then, Vanraj walks in and informs her that the two of them have to perform a Pooja together the next day. She just hopes that Maaya does not interfere in any way during the ritual.

Her prayer is that all the problems between Anupama and Anuj will be resolved today, while Maaya is happily humming to herself and watering the plants next to her. Anupama explains to her the importance of fasting on this day for a better relationship between husband and wife. Maaya tells Anupama that she is fasting as well.

As Baa serves Vanraj his breakfast, she asks if Kavya is sitting with him for the Pooja. Vanraj is not sure if Kavya will join.

When Anuj calls out to Anupama, Maaya comes to see what he wants. But Anuj only wants Anupama to help him.

Maaya asks Anuj why he avoids her. She says that he is guilty, so that’s why he avoids her these days. He responds that he is just busy and not guilty. She says if he is not guilty, then he does not have to tell Anupama anything about what happened.

Maaya is watching Anuj and Anupama spend some romantic moments together and getting upset.

As the Shah family prepares for the Pooja, Anuj and Anupama are sitting together, and Maaya is sitting behind them. Kavya sits next to Vanraj, telling him she is there only to make Bapuji happy.

Kavya receives a message from Maaya informing her that she has also fasted and that she has spoken to some clients on her behalf and will definitely give her 3/4 assignments.

During the pooja, everyone is showering flowers on their husbands. When Anuj is dancing, Maaya falls in front of him and touches his feet. Kavya tells Anupama that Maaya is in love with him. Maaya agrees. If Anuj is not guilty, Vanraj wants to know why he hasn’t told Anupama anything.

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