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Story of Angad and Sahiba

A Sikh religious group is seen heading towards a gurudwara. A voiceover begins, recollecting what a wise individual once said about the power of a name and how it can be an identity just like Punjab, which means five rivers—a number that finds significance in Guru Maharaj’s five beloved ones and the five K’s. He also muses on the famous romantic stories Sohni Mahiwal, Sassi Punnu, Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahiba, and one more yet unknown tale. Angad wakes up to his alarm sound and leaves in his car followed by bodyguards. He sends Sahiba a message saying they will meet within 20 minutes and she quickly responds that she will meet him in ten minutes. Angad informs her of his long-awaited anticipation of this meeting time, to which she replies that she too has waited very long for it. Before leaving home without telling her father, Sahiba apologizes to Babaji silently. When they arrive at a crossroads both stop their vehicles briefly before driving off again – perhaps fate had predetermined that these two were not meant to meet now according to God’s wish.

Angad arrives at the airport and a helicopter touches down. Someone hands him a small briefcase. Sahiba notices a secured area, hops over the gate and sets off a pot kiln burning. Voiceover introduces her as Sahiba Kaur Monga. Her uncle walks in and enquires why she didn’t wait for his arrival. She explains that it’s an extraordinary day. Angad mentions that his gift is exceptionally special. Voiceover expresses that the present has traversed from Belgium to Delhi by chopper and finally arrived in Ludhiana. The chopper driver remarks he could have chosen to send it by courier instead of spending so much money. Angad replies that today is an unparalleled occasion. Sahiba’s uncle says it’s Sahiba who deserves recognition for her hard work for her family, instead of any especially expensive gifts. Angad adds that family is such a blessing from God. The voiceover states that both Angad and Sahiba can do anything for their families, let’s find out what their respective clans are doing for them now!

Santosh was in a queue for milk when a woman collided with their vessels, and apologized. She scolded her that her children’s future depended on such situations. Nimmi countered by saying her daughter was getting good alliances. Santosh proudly told of how her elder daughter was beautiful and fashionable, and she would get her married into a wealthy family. The ladies present then directed Santosh’s attention to a boy sitting in a sports car. Thinking this young man to be an eligible son-in-law, she asked if the car belonged to him; however, he calmly informed her that he was the owner of the dairy farm nearby. Annoyed by the inquiry, he then ordered his employee to send 100 litres of milk to Akal Singh Brar’s house in Ludhiana – the same man with three sons as she had three daughters. Hearing this, Nimmi taunted Santosh who retorted that the boy was not suitable for Seerat and asked about Brar.

Angad returns home and his security head tells the staff not to let anyone enter the party without a valid pass. He notices Angad’s request to carry it, but Angad simply uttered “just do your job” and went on his way. He, unfortunately, slipped on a wet floor and broke his watch. The employee apologized for this incident, to which Angad replied that he wants perfect things in life, thus not taking any apologies for the staff member’s diligent work. Santosh then inquires about how Angad would be for Seerat, livening up the topic with Nimmi who jokes that Seerat deserves Ranbir Kabir instead. Nimmi adds that today is the 55th anniversary of senior Brar’s and hence there will be a lavish party. This encourages Santosh to visit the Brar house today; however, Nimmi cautions him reminding him they won’t grant entrance into their home without a valid pass. Despite being aware of this fact, Santosh determines to go with Seerat anyways.

At Brar House, Veer Singh Brar has declared a competition for his family and friends. Kaira, who is always active on social media, reminds everyone that it is her grandparents’ 55th anniversary. The first competitor is Uncle Aklal Singh Brar, the second is Jaspal Singh Brar and the third is Angad Singh Brar. He takes Akal’s blessing and says he will win the contest today to which Akal responds no one can tie a turban faster than him. But Angad says let’s see what happens. Grandma Javjot Kaur will be judging the competition while Barfeer encourages Angad to focus on winning rather than defeating his opponent. Angad then asks why didn’t his dad Inder come, to which Barfeer replies he did not but would not miss his son despite that. Jasleen wishes her parents a happy anniversary while Gurleen tells them Garry wouldn’t come as he doesn’t know how to tie a turban. Suddenly Navjot orders Jasleen not to create a scene today making her think about where Garry could be right now. At last, Garry picks up Jasleen’s car with his girlfriend and starts discussing his playboy-like habit embarrassing

Sahiba had finished painting pots. Uncle informed her that her father’s debt was paid off, paying 200 rs per pot. Sahiba requested for 250 rs and urged him to respect her art. Eventually, he accepted and gave her 2500 rs. He asked her father to visit him if he ever needs money again, but she assured that he wouldn’t require it until she is there. Meanwhile, Ajit was cooking at home, singing a song and attempting to pour milk into a vessel for boiling when Santosh interrupted him, instructing Ajit to keep a bowl aside for Seerat’s face pack. Ajit jokingly said if milk could make one fair, buffaloes would not have been black! Santosh declared that she intended to take Seerat to the wealthy Brar family for an anniversary party. This sparked an argument between them and Santosh determined to marry their daughters in a rich family rather than a poor man like Ajit. With this development, Ajit silently stepped out of the house and began tending his food cart.

Sahiba returns home and interacts with him. She explains to him that she took care of Sharmaji’s uncle’s debt. He becomes overwhelmed, remembering his wish for her to attend a fine arts college and regretting that it couldn’t be because of his lack of proficiency. Sahiba’s eyes fill with tears at his words; she appreciates the fact that he taught her how to paint and how fortunate she was to have such a loving father. At this moment, Ashiyana Haina.. starts playing on the FM radio. Santosh awakes Seerat and applies a milk pack on her face, commenting it is a special day today. Seerat laughs off informing him she won’t register her profile on any matrimonial website. Santosh reassures her they are going to Brar’s so there is no need for it. She is delighted at hearing those words, hoping he can get passes somehow despite Santosh insisting they must arrange something at Brar’s at the very least.

It seems that Seerat wants to visit a rich family, so let them be happy in their life, and we in ours. Angad tells his uncle that everything has a price tag. Angad opens his car door and breaks Sahiba’s pot, angering Sahiba. Santosh asks Sahiba to arrange passes somehow and emotionally blackmails her.

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