Meet 1st March 2023 Written Update

As Gunwanti walks to Jasodha, Mahendra says he is very angry because he wants to find out who is smoking and that they should test everyone. Imarti listens to them talking and says if they test everyone, I will get caught. Sundari says no one will take the test because I know who is smoking. Imarti becomes scared. Jasodha asks Sundari who it is.

Sundara says it was Anuja who smoked a cigarette. Everyone is in shock. Imarti confused says now she is too. Jasodha drags Anuja in front of everyone and says I asked Sundari to kill her when she was born because she wasn’t worth living in Sarkar’s palace, and now look at her habits.

Jasodha says you’re right, these kinds of girls should be dead when they are born. She slaps Anuja and asks why she did this, that her life is ruined because of her birth, and that whatever she did today will be punished severely so that she can never repeat this mistake again. She then takes Anuja upstairs with her.

Taking her upstairs, Sundari curses her and locks her in a room, saying she will behave once she is not given food and water for a few days. Jasodha asks Gunwanti to bring her medicine and everyone leaves. Her plan with Anuja had been to love her inside the room so that she could send you to the hospital for a sex exchange operation and afterwards, they would be completely different.

Sundari hides hospital papers in a cupboard and drops a paper on the floor. Meet walks to Sundari and asks if you were in the temple. Sundari says yes, and that it was distributed while I was returning. It is not possible to get to the temple from Lal Chowk road, says Meet.

Sundari thinks she saw me going to the hospital. Sundari becomes scared and says I went to the market for work. Meet notices a paper on the floor and picks it up to try to read it. Sundari snatches it from her hand and says I’m running late. She thinks about why she is lying and why she needs 5 lakh rupees.

While sitting with Jasodha, Manmeet remembers what Sarkar said to him. Jasodha tells Manmeet emotionally that she has been waiting for 24 years to feed him from her hand. Manmeet bites into the food she is feeding him. Jasodha says to Manmeet that you have waited a lot and can wait for two more days, and then you will defeat her, leave everything to God, and tomorrow will be your first Shiv Jayanti.

As Manmeet gets emotional, he gives her a bite of food and says I get angry when I see her or think about her and I get sad when I see Shagun’s face. I thought me and Shagun would celebrate Shiv Jayanti together, but Meet cannot see us together. It’s impossible for me to see you in pain. I get emotional when I see you in pain, don’t worry, happiness will come back in your life and everything will be fine.

In the temple, everyone worships Shiva. When Meet prays to God, he asks for something magical that Shagun will give me documents because if she does not do it, I will lose tomorrow, and every lady in Sarkarpur who worships you will lose, and I will not be able to fulfil the dream of Meet Ahlawat.

As Jasodha prays, Shagun says she wants Manmeet to win tomorrow’s match so that Meet will leave him alone and Manmeet can marry her. Mahendra and Gunwanti pray to God as well. Manmeet chants the name of Shivji. Despite listening to God since I was a child, Meghna says that she found her God in you who helped me in my further studies, and I feel like I should thank you first before God, but you may not like what I have to say. I want Manmeet’s wife and our bhabhi to walk away as you did.

As Meet asks Chanda to take care of Prasad, she walks to Shagun and says that now the family also thinks I can be the ideal daughter-in-law of this house. Everyone believes I will win tomorrow’s match and you will be out of there. As Shagun walks away, she says nothing will work on me because I believe in Manmeet.

In the morning, Meet had told Chanda to give me documents and I would leave. Chanda asked what she had said. As Meet sees Shagun giving Manmeet prasad, she remembers her time with Meet Ahlawat. Since Manmeet truly loves Shagun, it is difficult to break her and I only have one day to get the documents.

Manmeet says she is not sure what Meet is planning, but one thing is for sure, she is smart and we need to be careful. Narendra says don’t worry, you will win tomorrow.

This is not an ordinary match, it’s about ego, self-respect, and dreams. Tomorrow we will find out whose dream will shatter because of her Baapu Sarkar is doubting me and feeling disrespected, I won’t leave her, tomorrow she will be gone.

I tried everything, but nothing worked. Chanda says only God can help you, he will show you what to do.

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