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Mahendra gets angry after Sarkar announces Meet as their successor, making him shout at him. The villagers cheer for Meet, making her shocked. Manmeet and Jashoda smile happily. Sarkar says it doesn’t matter if the leader is a woman or a man, but Meet has improved the village, especially for girls’ education and empowerment.

Jashoda tries to convince Meet, saying she can do a good job, but she is happy with her family and doesn’t want to lead them. Mahendra disagrees and angrily approaches Sarkar, but Manmeet stops him and warns him not to hurt him. Sarkar’s turban is put on Meet by Jashoda, but Meet is still uncertain about the decision. Manmeet and the villagers rally behind Meet, endorsing her as their leader. Manmeet proudly showcases the optimistic villagers to her, offering words of encouragement and support.

Mahendra and Gunwanti, seething with frustration, conspire to seek revenge against Sarkar and Meet. Jashoda warmly welcomes Meet, Manmeet, Raj, and Sumeet back to Sarkar Mahal, expressing admiration for Sarkar’s decision. Meet inquires about Mahendra and seeks his blessings. In a playful exchange, Manmeet teases her, and they share tender moments. During a meal, Jashoda feeds Sarkar, but their tranquil moment is shattered when Mahendra storms in and angrily throws the food aside.

With a gun, Mahendra threatens Sarkar with property papers. Jashoda is held back by Gunwanti and tied to a chair by Gunwanti. Manmeet tells Meet that Mahendra is hurt by Sarkar’s decision. He says it was Mahendra’s fault. Jashoda drops a vase, alerting Meet and Manmeet. They force Mahendra to drop his gun. Meet reconciles with Jashoda and Manmeet scolds him for being greedy.

Meet issues a stern warning about calling the police, prompting Mahendra to taunt Manmeet. Mahendra invokes the law against the mistreatment of parents as a retort. As the argument escalates, Jashoda intervenes decisively, slapping Mahendra and instructing him to depart. However, Mahendra adamantly insists on his ownership of the house. Manmeet comforts Jashoda during this ordeal.

Mahendra, in his frustration, turns to alcohol, becoming the target of ridicule from onlookers, further fueling his anger. Just as the situation intensifies, Shagun arrives on the scene and prevents people from humiliating Mahendra. Together, they hatch a plan to seek revenge on Meet.

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