Meet 16th February 2023 Written Update


Meet gets a tattoo on her hand that says I’m married to Manmeet. She walks to Manmeet and shows him the tattoo and says now everyone will call me Manmeet’s wife and you are his husband. After seeing the tattoo, I think she will stay with us forever and will trouble us, as Jasodha thinks I feel like celebrating. Since I am living here now, you won’t think about any other girl, not even Shagun. Meet starts singing for Manmeet when he gets happy.

Meeting with Shagun outside. Shagun asks Meet what do you mean by my disappearing ink. Meet replies that this is not a permanent tattoo, I exchanged it when I had time. Meeting with Manmeet in the market.

Manmeet sees Meet in the market. Meet looks at Manmeet. Shagun says they are very dangerous people you don’t know about their power. Meet says don’t worry I’ll handle the situation. Shagun asks why did you do this. Meet says everyone will be confused because of my actions. Meet says she came to take fresh air. Manmeet grabs her hand and says, “Come with me, I’ll give you fresh air and take her along with me.”.

Meet and Manmeet in the same room. Manmeet says you must be in pain because your self-respect is broken today. Meet says you must also be in pain because your heart was broken as well. Manmeet tells you to stay within your limits. I’m worried about you because I’m your wife. Manmeet takes her hand and tells her about his pain. Meet takes her hand off. Manmeet walks out of the room. She closes the gate and finds a red rash on her hand. She looks at it and thinks to herself, “Your nature will help me get papers.”.

Narendra hugs Sapna tightly and says I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad. Sapna says if Jasodha finds out about the child, she will surely ask me to take a test to check the gender. While walking in the corridor, Jasodha says her head is always in pain since Meet moved in. Sapna says in our country it is illegal to know gender. Mahendra says I know, but we have to reveal the gender. Sapna says what if it’s a girl again. He says you have to leave the house.

Sapna and Mahendra hide from Jasodha, who turns off the lights. Mahendra assures Sapna we will not sacrifice her if it’s a girl. Sapna prays to God for her child. While getting ready, Meet knocks on her door and says open. Meet says wait, I’m changing. Manmeet says I have to show my state-level certificate to the Olympic committee, which is on video call. Meet says tell me and I’ll give it to you. Let me in, it’s my room.

Meet says I’m changing. Manmeet tells her where the certificate is. Meet finds the certificate and says I’ll open the door slightly and just take the certificate and leave. Manmeet says okay, give it to me. Meet opens the door and takes the certificate. As Meet walks in, he notices her hand has no tattoos. On call, Manmeet shows them the certificate and thanks them.

I never thought Meet would give me the certificate on time, and I don’t remember seeing a tattoo on her hand with my name on it. Manmeet says she must have done something else. He asks her how she can be so careless since she can’t make a tattoo because of her certificate. He looks for a pen in her room. Outside the door, Manmeet shouts to open it. Meet asks him now what happened and thinks he saw my hand without a tattoo. He gets under the bed and grabs a pen from under the bed.

In the hall, Manmeet asks Meet what she is hiding. Meet says I was cleaning. Manmeet says put your hand forward. Meet shows off her bangles. Manmeet asks her to take them off. Meet says Jasodha asked me to wear them. Manmeet brings Meet to the hall.

Manmeet in hall with Meet and call everyone. Jasodha asks him what happened. Manmeet says there was no tattoo on her hand when I asked for the certificate. Everyone was shocked. Jasodha says to Meet did you lie, she brings sword and says Sarkar’s sword will punish you for this, and she must remove all the bangles. Manmeet attempts to remove the bangles.

Gunwanti brought oil from the kitchen and Manmeet started removing bangles one by one. Meet remembers making half tattoo on her hand again when Manmeet was trying to break the door. Meet says to Manmeet can’t you see my tattoo?

Gunmeet asks Gunwanti to tear her sleeve to see the tattoo in its entirety. The woman shouts, “Wait! Only Manmeet will check because he is accusing me,” and then says, “You have doubts, so come and check with me.” Jasodha refuses to attend and asks Gunwanti to meet with her. I’ll go and check. Manmeet says no worries, she gave me a challenge.

Manmeet and Meet are in a room. Meet believes if he checks my hand, he will find out I only have half of a tattoo on my hand. Manmeet locks the door and walks toward Meet.

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