Pandya Store 16th February 2023 Written Update

During the episode, Dev asks Rishita to come. Chiku asks Dhara to take him outside, since it is hot inside the room. Dev and Rishita make the bedding in the hall. Shesh says he cannot sleep because he is hungry. Raavi and Shiva also come with Mittu and put their bedding in the hall. Dhara and Gautam also come and make their bedding. Chiku helps them. Dhara thinks we are under one roof, but we are not together.

Chiku goes to get Gautam. Suman and Chutki also come out. Chutki sleeps on the swing. Suman looks at her family. She sleeps. The kids get up and go to the kitchen to eat. Shweta enters the house from the kitchen window. She says she does not know where Natasha is.

Dhara sees the kids going to the kitchen and thinks Chiku will feed them. Shesh went to get food, Rishita thinks. Raavi thinks Mittu will have food, too. The kids enter the kitchen. Shweta hides. The kids look for some food. They see Shweta and shout. Shweta tells them to stop.

Shesh says I will get you icecream, but you have to do some small work, I’m Natasha’s mom. Mittu asks if you’re hungry, what are you doing here, Chiku asks why you didn’t come by gate. Shweta says I came to surprise Natasha, what’s your name, and who are your parents.

Shesh says he’s Shesh, Dev and Rishita’s son. Mittu says he’s Mittu, Shiva and Raavi’s son. Chiku says he’s Chiku, Dhara and Gautam’s son. Shweta gasps and recalls Chiku. She cries. Shesh says take Natasha, she has hurt me. Take her before I take my revenge.

Shweta asks did she beat you, I’ll scold her, bring her here, I’ll ask her to apologize. Shesh says she always makes noise. She says yes, tell me where she is, and I’ll go and get her. Mittu says you need to get us icecreams. She says okay, let’s go. After going outside, she sees everyone sleeping.

In order to hide from them, she takes Natasha with her. She asks her to jump outside the window. The paper falls. Chutki says it is hers, so she takes it. Shweta asks her to come with her.

Shweta says I will run out and get icecream. Chiku says you can run away, we will come with you. The plates fall down. Everyone wakes up. Shweta says give your mother this note.

There is a window open in the kitchen. Suman asks what is going on. Gautam asks what is going on. Suman asks where Natasha is. Dhara says she isn’t here. Chiku says nothing happened. The kids lie.

Suman asks Gautam if you got Natasha. Suman tells him to go sleep. Shesh says she wasn’t with us. Rishita says we’ll check it out. Chiku says I’ll tell them. Rishita calls out Natasha. Shweta hides with Chutki. Rishita doesn’t see her. Shiva says Natasha isn’t anywhere. When Rishita spots a sleeping man, she apologizes.

Rishita says she is nowhere on the other side. She asks Shesh to tell her where Natasha is. Suman asks what would he know, how can the girl disappear, what will we tell her mum? Dhara says yes, we should inform the police, the kids are worried.


Rishita asks if Shweta will return my Chutki. Dhara says one side is Chutki and the other side is my children.

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