As Manmeet turns to lock the door, Meet hides his phone under a blanket, thinking he’ll know if he checks my tattoo he’ll know I’ve got half of the tattoo on my hand. Manmeet is about to grab her hand, but suddenly he remembers how Shagun feels when he is around Meet.

In response, Manmeet steps back and says “I don’t like long sleeves, don’t wear them next time because luck will not support you every time.” He walks out of the room. She grabs the phone as she gets up and locks the room. Sarkar in his room. Manmeet walks to Sarkar. Sarkar says to Manmeet I don’t understand Meet, if she wants only documents then there are many more ways to get them, I don’t know why she came to our house, I think she’s planning something, but remember that she shouldn’t get the documents.

On this phone, I will get some information regarding documents and I know you will get angry when you won’t see the tattoo on my hand. I know you won’t give me documents easily, I have to make you do it.

The lawyer calls Manmeet. Meet disconnects his call and hears his voice message. Lawyer says the changes are done in the document; I have sent you a draft to check and let me know what you think. In an open document, Meet says Manmeet is trying to take my half of the factory, but he has to get my signature either by copying my signature or by tricking me. He gets anxious and says I have to stop him.

Meet sees Manmeet and Jasodha talking through a window. Jasodha tells Manmeet that since they came back to our home after so many years, you should kill me with Sarkar’s sword. Jasodha says I don’t see Meet troubling you, so I want you to change your name to Man. Manmeet hugs her tightly. Hearing them talk, Meet thinks to herself, that’s a good idea. She removes Man from Manmeet and changes Manmeet’s plan. She sends a message to a lawyer to change her name. The lawyer says I’ll send the paperwork by evening so you can sign it. The message makes Meet smile. She writes Manmeet’s name on her hand.

Jasodha asks Gunwanti to have something. Meet walks in and says I haven’t eaten since morning since I’m on VD’s fast. Everyone is confused. Meet says Valentine’s Day. Gunwanti asks what it is.

According to Meet, this is a western culture festival and every woman fasts for her husband and asks her to fast for Mahendra. Gunwanti advises Jasodha to fast. She says it’s easy to keep men happy – just give them alcohol and some entertainment and they’ll be happy.

You are right, Meet says to Gunwanti, so tell me about Manmeet’s choice of alcohol. Jasodha says to Meet we will celebrate Valentine’s day only once you take responsibility. Meet says don’t worry, I’ll do it. Jasodha says Gunwanti will take care of you. Meeting walks away and says don’t worry everything will be fine.

As Meet approaches Chanda, he tells her I have convinced everyone to celebrate Valentine’s Day and factory papers will arrive from the lawyer tonight with updates and I don’t want anyone to read them, so I’ll make everyone drunk and take Manmeet’s signatures on papers while I mix something in alcohol.

In the room are Manmeet, Sarkar and Mahendra. Mahendra says to Sarkar he wants to make another alcohol factory, but what is the problem? Sarkar says we can build it on Meet’s land. Mahendra says she owns 50% of the land. It’s fine, I’ll handle Meet, and I’ll own the whole land soon.

In response to Mahendra’s question, a lady walks in with clothes and tells everyone to wear them for Jasodha’s celebration. Sarkar says these clothes are too flashy, so I won’t wear them. Sarkar agrees to wear them for Jasodha. Manmeet insists Sarkar wear them. Sarkar agrees.

Everyone is busy celebrating Valentine’s day. Imarti asks Meet if we worship someone on Valentine’s Day. Meet grabs a red rose and says we worship roses, and asks everyone to get one for their husbands. Everyone confused grabs a red rose and worships. Jasodha walks up to Meet and says you are very cultural, but still my enemy. Meet mocks him. In all their finery, everyone walks in. Jasodha tells Sarkar we are celebrating Valentine’s Day for everyone. Everyone begins doing pooja for their husbands.

I’m going to my Shagun to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my Shagun, so you can do your acting. Manmeet should be drunk when the paper arrives or else my plan will fail. Meet tells Manmeet I have arranged all the arrangements for you but try to wait for your family because everyone will be sad if you leave.

Manmeet tells everyone today is the day to celebrate love. He picks up Meet in his arms. Everyone is shocked to see them together. Manmeet takes her away.

As Chanda saw the lawyer’s assistant heading towards Sarkar’s palace, she called Meet. Meet told Chanda that nobody should see the papers when they are sober.

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