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As Shagun lifts the veil, she is shocked to see Sumeet underneath. A flashback reveals how Sumeet quickly changed into a saree while everyone distracted Shagun. Sumeet reminds Shagun of their deal and insists that in order for Raunak to stay with them, the family needs to talk to Akki. Reluctantly, Shagun hands her phone to Sumeet, giving her five minutes to speak with Akki. In tears, Akki pleads to return to the family and Sumeet comforts him while instructing him not to mention the kidnapping.

Sumeet rushes inside and hands the phone to the family. Everyone is overjoyed and encourages Akki to come home soon. Pankhuri realizes she couldn’t text Raj due to the commotion and sends him another romantic message. As Raj reads the text, he recalls Priyanka’s words and decides to confront Pankhuri. He asks to meet her, and Pankhuri suggests they get to know each other better first.

In response to Raj’s voice message, Priyanka worries that Pankhuri might be cheating on Sarthak. To enter Shagun’s house, Sumeet and Shlok pose as income tax officers and pretend to conduct a raid. Sumeet tells Shlok he recognized a similar voice during the call with Akki, so he instructs the staff to remain in a room and confiscate their phones.

Taking care of Raunak and seeking revenge on each family member, Shagun sends a warning to treat him with kindness or face the consequences of becoming her lifelong servants. Poonam recalls Sumeet’s advice to keep Shagun occupied for two hours and suggests seeking medical attention for Raunak’s mental well-being. However, Shagun insists on caring for him at home. Ashok proposes a different approach and locks Shagun out of the room, while inside Rajiv pretends to be Raunak and cries out as if Ashok is causing him harm. In response, Shagun yells for them to open the door.

While Shlok and Sumeet search for Akki and find him, they become trapped inside the room. They lose consciousness due to poisonous gas. When they wake up, Shagun taunts them for getting caught. They see Akki hanging upside down over boiling water. She taunts them for getting caught. In order to trick them into believing Akki is in the water, Shagun drops a doll in there.

In response to Shagun’s declaration, Shlok loses his temper and attacks Shagun. Sumeet tries to calm him down, but Shagun believes her plan is working to disturb Shlok mentally and soon he will go to a mental asylum because of these games. She smirks.


Shlok asks Sumeet whose phone this is. Sumeet says it is Raunak’s. Shlok asks how that is possible. He replies that he is acting, but what is the reason behind that act. In front of Shlok’s photo, Raunak burns it and says you hurt me so much and only when your blood is shed will it stop burning.


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