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The Episode begins with Payal’s surprise at seeing Rudra. He jokingly questions if she was anticipating someone else’s arrival. She states that there is no medication to cure her from him, except for the “vaccine” of money. Payal then urges him to leave. Rudra inquires if the café belongs to her father or if she had acquired it overnight. He declares his intention to spend double the amount of Rs. 2000 today as a reminder that he does not tolerate insults. Payal panics, thinking Krish might be arriving soon and pleads for Rudra to depart. Meanwhile, Krish and Bindiya are en route.

Payal informed Rudra that she was currently short on funds, with only 600 Rs in her possession. In response, Rudra stated that he would be taking 2000 Rs from her as it was his salary. Payal urged him to leave, using the term “yaar.” However, Rudra pointed out that she had called him a friend but did not trust him at all and proceeded to demand the money. Despite Payal’s repeated claims of not having any funds, Rudra refused to let go of her hand and warned her that he would not be easily shaken off. Feeling outraged, Payal demanded that he release her hand. At this moment, Krish arrived on the scene and witnessed Rudra’s hold on Payal’s hand. The waiter played a song upon seeing Krish entering the room.

As Payal notices Krish’s arrival, she immediately confronts Rudra about his actions, asking him why he touched her and telling him to let go of her hand. At that moment, Krish approaches them and grabs Rudra’s collar, questioning how he had the audacity to touch Payal. In turn, Payal pleads with Krish to let her go. Meanwhile, Bindiya arrives on her scooty and heads inside without saying a word. As Rudra demands an explanation for being grabbed, Bindiya steps closer and boldly tells Krish that if she were to introduce herself, he would forget all about himself. Rudra claims that Krish’s actions are unjustified but is swiftly interrupted as Krish prepares to strike him, until Bindiya intervenes by calling out for Krishna ji.

Dadi says we’ll go to Bindiya’s sasural. Phoolmati calls Indu, Sakshi picks up and says hello. Phoolmati asks if we’ll come to give Teej stuff. Sakshi says she should come and ends the call. Indu asks Sakshi who made the call? She deletes Phoolmati’s call from the call list. Bindiya asks Krish what he is doing here, and he says you’ve gone to work.

In anger, Payal thinks Krish cannot lie, so she tells him she has to handle him. Bindiya asks why you called him. Payal says you were busy in Muh dikhayi, so that’s why I called him. Bindiya asks why Krish became angry. Payal says Rudra refused marriage, and Krish wonders how she could lie so easily.

They arrive at Baldev’s house, but Servant stops them and goes inside. Sakshi gives her lipstick as a prize, and tells her not to tell anyone about it. Dadi, Phoolmati and Rose keep waiting.

When Krish tells Bindiya that if Rudra refuses to marry, then this alliance won’t occur, and she also says if they marry without consent, an accident can occur. Krish says you are right. Bindiya says I’ll end this. She apologizes to Rudra on Krish’s behalf. She says if he doesn’t want to marry Payal, that’s fine. Upon seeing their love, Rudra says he wants to marry Payal.

Rudra confides in Payal, expressing his fear of losing her. Krish jokingly refers to him as a drama company and inquires about the reason for his distress. Rudra reveals that he had initially intended to reject the proposal, but witnessing his brother-in-law’s affection for Payal made him realize his true feelings for her. Payal recalls their conversation where she had convinced Rudra to follow her plan and offers him more money. Amused, Rudra comments on the unexpected developments in their story and points out how quickly she has changed her strategy. Payal reminds him that he is crucial to the success of her plan and promises that he will become wealthy enough to never have to work again. Curious, Rudra wonders what his role will be in this plan. The flashback concludes here.

Indiya says I’m happy with your decision and I was scared that Pallu’s love was incomplete for once. Rudra says he has seen both sides of the coin. Payal believes she will make Krish so jealous that he will confess his love to me in front of everyone.


Krish follows Payal. Payal asks Rudra to ride the bike faster. Krish finds Rudra’s bike going in the small lane and becomes upset.

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