Suhaagan 10th July 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Indu telling Baldev that Krish has taken this decision due to his pressure. He asks them to stop it and tells them he has decided. Baldev tells Krish he will feel proud of his decision one day, since Bindiya is such. He asks Krish to relax. Krish says I’ve agreed to everything, so you’ll have to accept my words. Vikram says he’ll refuse.

Krishna says I want you to get me married as soon as possible. Indu says Babu. Baldev calls Dadi and says Krishna and Bindiya will meet tomorrow and will also get engaged. Dadi says so soon. Baldev says Krishna wants to get married as soon as possible, and Dadi says today’s kids always hurry up. They say how they will arrange everything.

They just want Bindiya and ask her to make them tea. Dadi agrees and informs Payal that the roka will happen tomorrow. Payal becomes worried and wonders why Krish is doing this so soon. Phoolmati says something is wrong.

Krish’s friend Nikku tells him, what has suddenly happened? He said he called Payal and informed her of your accident, but she refused to come. Krish tells me that Payal was his first, second, third, and so on priority, but I am her last priority. He says she sacrificed her love for her sister, and she wants me to marry her sister. Nikku asks if he will marry her sister.

Krishna tells Payal he loves her and that she must be shocked to learn about her engagement. Bindiya tells Payal that she will refuse Baldev ji for the engagement, as she was unaware of Krishna’s decision, and it is hurried up. Her plan will fail if she does not stop Bindiya.

Her view is that she can easily control Bindiya and not anyone else. She asks Bindiya to talk to Krishna. Bindiya calls him from Payal’s phone. Krishna answers the call and says you can’t stay without me. Bindiya says she is Bindiya and asks if he wants to marry her with his wishes. Payal provokes him from behind. Krish reassures him he wouldn’t have agreed to the marriage if he wasn’t happy. Bindiya hugs Payal.

Baldev is supposed to be happy, so Payal thinks her plan will succeed. Baldev asks Indu to buy a necklace for Bindiya to give her as shagun. Indu refuses to give her anything and tells her she is the magician who has done magic on you, but doesn’t know what happened to Krish. He leaves. She shows Dadi her dupatta and tells him that she bargained and got it. She says that the dress was given to be altered.

Rose tells her she’ll look like cauliflower. Payal taunts Rose, saying that she doesn’t even look like a paper flower, despite her name being Rose. Rose feels insulted and leaves. Bindiya says she doesn’t say anything to them, since dirt might fall on her alone. Phoolmati and Rose come to the tailor. Phoolmati distracts him, while Rose changes the measurement numbers. They get happy and go from there. Payal’s photos make Krish think he loves her and will marry her only.


A dress malfunctions when Bindiya wears it. Dadi and Bindiya are shocked. Baldev and his family wait for Bindiya, but Payal appears in front of them. Sakshi asks Papa ji from which angle Bindiya looked sanskari.


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