Pandya Store 13th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The teacher in the Episode starts by expressing her concerns about Chiku. She then requests him to read his essay on mothers, causing Dhara to become visibly emotional when he reads a negative portrayal of mothers. The teacher points out that their family issues are taking a toll on Chiku. However, Dhara defends Chiku and apologizes, stating that it’s not his fault. Chiku leaves and Dhara reveals that he is dealing with a difficult situation. Meanwhile, Arushi expresses her worry about Shiva not answering her calls. Eventually, Shiva and Shweta return home, with Shiva greeting them warmly. He happily informs everyone that tomorrow is their wedding day and shows off the haldi he got for Arushi. He then requests Malti for her blessings and asks her to apply the haldi on Arushi’s face before leaving himself.

Arushi asks what will you do now, Dhara sent me haldi. Dhara and Chiku return home. Malti asks her why you sent the haldi, knowing Shiva will regain his memories and return to Raavi. Malti apologizes. She asks her to stop the marriage drama. Dhara says you made me hate you, Chiku hates me, so you are the reason. She had tried to stop you, but my wish was unfulfilled, and this too will be unfulfilled,

Chiku’s hatred towards me will never last, as I will mend his heart and regain his love and respect, for it is my rightful entitlement. Returning home, Malti laments her inability to heal her daughters’ wounds and bring them peace. As Dhara sobs, Suman inquires about the situation. In response, Dhara embraces her mother and questions if she is a bad parent. Suman reassures her that Yashoda holds a higher place than Devki, and time has a way of improving relationships. Shweta observes silently as Arushi applies the haldi herself, feeling a stinging sensation.

Malti asks what happened. Dhara says Shweta, we became the same today, I didn’t know Chiku hated me. I will receive love and respect for me and you, he has to accept that he has two mothers. As Shweta hugs her, she promises, “I will make amends for my mistakes and become a good mother.” Suman asks her to stop. She tells Dhara not to fall into her trap. She says Shweta will take Chiku away. Dhara says I do this for Chiku, I don’t want Chiku to hate me. Rishita complains.

Dev asks Rishita if she wants a sangeet as well. She confirms, and he assures her that they will make arrangements. However, Rishita feels it’s too late for that. Shiva reprimands her, causing Suman to declare that there will be no grand celebration. Dhara intervenes and reassures Rishita that she has a solution to make everyone happy. Suman tells Dhara to stop thinking, but she promises everything will go smoothly. Dhara brings in some musicians and announces there will be both sangeet and dhamaal (festivities). Shiva expresses his gratitude while Rishita hugs Dhara in appreciation. As the puppet show begins, everyone joins in the dance, with Raavi watching on anxiously.


Raavi says I will stop it, this is my last chance to regain his memory. Shiva says my marriage has been agreed upon, no one can stop it.


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