Pandya Store 19th November 2023: Natasha’s Bold Move to Reunite Isha with Family

Pandya Store

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Natasha comes home to meet the family in the episode. She hugs Suman as she greets him. Suman asks what you did to get here. Natasha tells him that Laxmi should go home since it is a big Laxmi puja. She sees Isha. She says don’t worry; Laxmi will go home. Suman says fine. She asks Shesh to get the rickshaw. Amba will do the tandav if Amba goes home.

Natasha says I got married, but this is my house; I came to wish you a happy Diwali. Suman says Happy Diwali. Natasha hugs her and wishes. Suman says touch my feet and take blessings. Natasha touches her feet. Suman gives a group hug… She hugs them. Isha sees them and cries.

As Shesh asks Chiku to get the rickshaw, Natasha says Happy Diwali, Isha Didi. Chiku asks what. Natasha hugs Isha. Dolly says we need to be there. As Amba tells Chabeli not to go anywhere, the jewelry is kept there, Hetal, Pranali and Dolly hide and try to escape.

Amba sees them and asks where they are going. Hetal hides the packet and says Natasha… Pranali says we are going to get ready at a parlour. Amba asks why, did anyone go to a parlor before, and you think Laxmi Maiyya will see your makeup? Dolly told us to look pretty in the pictures, Hetal says.

Yes, Dolly says getting ready in the parlour is fun. Amba asks what makeup items are in this bag. Hetal says she bought a saree last year and thought she would give it to the poor. Amba says you think I don’t do charity. Pranali says we have an appointment, so we need to leave. Chabeli says something is going on. Amba says he doesn’t know what’s happening.

His brothers talk about work. Bhaven says we should have owned the Pandya store, and then we could have performed the puja there. Natasha and everyone go to the store. She sees the Pandya bahus coming in disguise. She thinks my brothers will beat them if they come now. Mittu, why is the shop so filthy?

We will come later to clean the shop, Chiku says. She says I want the shop clean, and we will come later. Isha says I will help. Natasha says no, and the boys will clean the shop. Suman says they have cleaned it. Shesh says we must prove that things will go as she wishes. She is the owner. Natasha says we will go, come.

Isha and Suman wonder what happened to her. Natasha takes them home. Dhawal remembers Natasha’s words. He texts her. Natasha says, “I know about the Laxmi puja.” Suman asks Isha to keep the gifts. At the Pandya store, Hetal instructs Dolly. Natasha says, “You came to kidnap me, so let’s start.” Suman asks where Natasha is.

The masked men enter the house. Amba worries. They say we will entertain you and make some money. Amba says I will donate. Just go. He says no, our drama is lovely, you’ll like it. He tells a story. Amba worries about the jewellery outside. He tells a story. If you do a drama, we’ll take the jewellery and disappear.

I don’t find them suitable, Amrish says Chabeli. She stops him. He says he will ask the Devi for blessings. Amrish and his brothers come out of the room. They see the men. The man asks how they came, but nothing can happen. Chirag says they should stop. Amrish says get out. The man lies to him. Natasha says she will call Dhawal. He gets the call.

Isha and Suman come out to see. They’re shocked. Natasha shouts for help. She says people have come here wearing face masks and will kill me. They get shocked. Natasha says I’m at Suman’s house, afraid of them. Get the brothers here and save me. Dhawal says they’ve also come to our house. She says come save us.

She tells Dhawal that she has always liked to do drama. Natasha wonders how she will bring Isha before them. Suman beats Dolly. Natasha helps Dolly and says you have taught me not to attack the weaponless.

Suman becomes confused as different opinions are being voiced. Natasha suggests calling her husband, while Suman believes she can handle the situation alone. Isha proposes calling the police, but Pranali disagrees and suggests leaving if the police arrive. However, Hetal intervenes by suggesting they call Dhawal instead. Suman expresses surprise at Hetal’s knowing Dhawal’s name, and Natasha believes they should listen to their advice because of their intelligence. Dolly admires Natasha, and Suman lightly pushes her, prompting an apology from Natasha before returning to Dolly’s side. Suman urges them to leave Dolly alone, and Natasha explains that she is acting in everyone’s best interest as their lives may be in danger. She also warns of Amrish’s wrath if they don’t comply. This worries Pranali and Isha, who want to know more, but Natasha changes the subject and mentions that Dhawal, Amrish, Chirag, and Bhaven will come soon. However, Isha objects and suggests calling the police instead.

Then Natasha says you shouldn’t lock Suman in. They stop Suman and lock her in. Suman shouts. She says, “Tell me what you want.” Dhawal says Natasha’s phone isn’t connecting. He takes Chirag’s phone. He says she had gone to buy me a new kurta. Chirag says I am not getting networked, which is strange. Bhaven says strange, even my phone does not get network.

Dhawal asks how this is possible. The man says we will take the jewellery and leave. Amba says Chabeli, I don’t think these men are right, let’s keep the jewelry inside and help the children next. Dhawal says Amrish’s phone has no network. Did these people put jammers on it? The men catch them all, and they are shocked.


Natasha comes home. Amrish asks if this is your plan. Hetal and the gang kidnap Isha and bring her home.

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