Mehndi Wala Ghar 6th March 2024: Janki’s Emotional Gesture Towards Family Unity

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 6th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

A family member asks Akshay to stay home when Bade Papa and Nanhe ask him to. He says I have to run the house. Bade Papa agrees, but your brothers saved Mini’s life. Some neighbours ask about Mini’s breakup. The lady says your family is cursed, first Manisha and now Mini. He says you must tolerate a lot now, and who will marry Mini?

Manisha answers them about their problems. Akshay tells them to leave. Janki says stop. She comes with her bahus. Janki asks them to sit and have sweets. She says you are Mini’s well-wishers, so we are happy that her marriage broke. A woman asks what Janki is talking about. She says Mini was going to hell, but she got saved. She calls Mini.

Her advice to Mini is always to keep her head high. She says take their blessings. The guests bless her. She introduces Mauli and says Mauli’s bravery and smarts saved Mini’s life. She taught me that parents are responsible for getting their daughters married and for their daughter’s safety and happiness in Sasural. I hope you understand that you are also responsible for your daughters.

It is a smile on Mauli’s face. Manoj says well done Mauli, you saved Mini, Janki is supporting the right, and I will apologize to her. She asks what you will do afterwards. Having Mini married in a good family and becoming Manisha’s support, I will renovate the house, and I need your help. She says yes. Akshay is sad and says Manoj wants to demonstrate his wealth to me. Jyoti says no. He says don’t support them. He leaves.

Baba Papa/Hari visits Janki. He says our children are gone, but our values are with them. Janki lights the diya and comes. He thinks you want the same thing. Swara says Bhaiya called and asked when we would return. He says we will go. She asks him to book the tickets soon. He says we will stay for a few days, and I don’t want to leave.

Swara says we stayed until Mini’s wedding; we won’t forget your mistake; this family can never unite; everyone has their world, and we can’t leave everything and return to Ujjain. Manoj goes to Tanvi and asks Vijay to stay back. She says I wasn’t able to stop him before, either. He says to try once. She says she has no hope, the family can’t unite, everyone has their own world, we can’t come back to Ujjain if we leave everything behind.

Seeing Manoj crying, Janki goes to pray. Hari and Manoj watch. Hari prays that the family will be saved. He cries. Ajanta says we should go back to Mumbai, and the hospital is calling you a lot.

Mauli sees him and talks to him. He says nobody wants to stay here, and even if I receive forgiveness, how can I stop my brothers from staying? He says we will figure it out. He nods. Rahul gets Mauli coffee. They talk. I didn’t know family meant so much to you. You saved your sister, not bad. The one you marry will be lucky. She says she gets thinking. Rahul gets coffee for Mauli.

In his words, I will make her life a red carpet and pamper her because love, friendship, respect, and care are essential to a healthy relationship. She recalls her words. He thinks I know how you feel about Manas. Now’s the time to talk to you. She gets a call. He thanks him and departs. He thinks I wish you ended the fake marriage and started afresh, and destiny will provide you with a partner who deserves you.

Nanhe sees a watch. Hari asks him to forgive Manoj, so he gives the watch to him. Hari says perhaps Janki has also forgiven Manoj, so she is making halwa for him. Akshay gets mad.

Swara and Tanvi talk about the old times and drink tea. They laugh. Mauli tries to talk to Swara and Tanvi. She says old days can come back if you want. They get silent. When Janki makes halwa, she explains that everyone has saved Mini’s life and that she wants to give them sweets, but forgiving them is a different thing. She remembers serving halwa to her sons. She praises them. The halwa makes Manisha smile when she sees it. She says, “I made this halwa 24 years ago, and now that they are leaving again, I want them to have a sweetheart.”

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