Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th November 2023: Savi Stands Up for Harini Amid Engagement Drama


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Durva agrees to allow Savi to attend her engagement party. Ishan apologizes to Harini and Savi and says it won’t happen again. Surekha sends Ishan away and interacts with Savi and Harini. Savi introduces Harini to Surekha. Surekha says she heard about Harini’s situation. A new artist will benefit financially and professionally with their help. Their hearts are broken hearing that. Surekha asks them to have something.

During the kojagiri fast, Savi announces it to her guests. Harini hosts the event, wishes everyone a happy koji Purnima, and announces her performance with Gayatri stotram. Seeing Kiran taunt her, Harini panics and doesn’t sing. Durva’s friends taunt her for not singing and promise to visit next year. Savi encourages Harini and asks her to sing for herself. Harini sings the Gayatri stotram confidently. Everyone claps.

Nishikant receives a call from Shantanu, who says he won’t be able to come because Isha is sick. Yashwant responds by saying he expected as much from Shantanu as possible. Surekha comments on how Isha always manages to make a scene when uninvited. Ayush teases Durva about whether Sam will show up or if he got cold feet about marrying her. Durva playfully defends Sam, saying he is crazy about her and she would have made him wait if the roles were reversed. She also adds that it’s good he’ll arrive later; otherwise, he would have to endure a dreary singing competition.

Surekha notices the arrival of the girl chosen for Ishan and informs Yashwant. Savi playfully teases Ishan about his potential match. Feeling anxious, Ishan is greeted by Surekha, who introduces him to Revati. Curious, Revati asks about Ishan’s knowledge of her father’s company, just like she knows about Bhosale Institute. Surekha confirms that he does, and Ishan proudly introduces himself as the director and professor of Bhosale Institute. Impressed, Revati joked that if she had known how handsome professors are at Bhosale Institute, she would have enrolled there earlier.

During Kojagiri Purnima, Savi emphasizes the importance of the fast and asks guests to break their fast by looking into a bowl of water with their partner. The ritual is performed first by Yashwant and Surekha, followed by Nishi Asmita and others. Shikha gets emotional when performing the ritual alone. Surekha asks Ishan to perform the ritual with Revati. Ishan asks if she does not think it is too soon.

Surekha says it’s just a ritual, and he will gain virtue. Yashwant tells Surekha that she found a good sanskara girl for Ishan in a short span of time. A waiter bumps into Revati and drops food on her. Revati shouts at the waiter. Savi manages the situation. Ishan imagines Reeva’s image in water. Harini starts singing. Someone pushes Savi, and she falls on Ishan. Their image appears in the water.

Shantanu refuses to attend Durva’s engagement ceremony, saying his family does not care about him. Asmita praises Harini’s performance, and others follow suit. Assurekha calls Harini and insults her, saying she is a new artist and should not misunderstand that they will hire her again. Nishi joins her, and they insult her to the core and make her feel inferior.


Surekha gives Harini 1 rupee as a reward for her performance. Savi interrupts Durva and Sam’s engagement and slaps Sam.

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