Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update   

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

It begins with Vandana saying we will check Rano’s room and all the rooms. Pammi argues and scolds her. Vandana says she will check all the rooms; otherwise, there will be none. Anagha wears the necklace. She says she bought the necklace secretly, but no one knew about it. She says I’ll show this necklace to everyone one day, but I will sell it to pay my EMI for two months. I’m not a thief, I just thought I’d steal something from them.

He asks Pammi why you left that necklace out in the open. She says I can’t lose it. Kunal says there won’t be a search. He says you don’t explain to me, things have been stolen since Mrunal and Anagha came here. He says you will find it somewhere, I don’t want any drama, see it. He leaves.

Mrunal says I’m bearing many mistakes, I have no idea about the necklace. Vandana says you might have realized the consequences of your mistake. Panmi says I will find the thief. Mrunal leaves. Vandana says I will try to find the necklace, and I want to know why he does not talk about his mother. Kunal sits sad and recalls Vaani. Vedika holds him tight.

Hemant says I will start working from today. Aaji and Vijay are surprised. Hemant says I will meet some people, but there isn’t any interview. Hemant says Kunal will give me a job in his company. Vijay says I have to speak to all the children today. Vandana says Dad called us for an imp job. Why did he call us? Mrunal says he will scold me if I don’t work hard.

Vandana thinks I know Kunal is worried about the necklace. I will keep looking until I find it. Tara feeds the food to Kunal. She says you’re hurt. Pammi tells Kunal we didn’t find Vaani’s necklace anywhere. He gets angry. Kunal asks whether he should have food or not. He gets angry.

Vedika says daughters are a blessing, I don’t know why people think they are a burden. Tara asks Vandana to feed Kunal. Kunal and Vandana say no. Vandana says he wants everything to be as he wants. Kunal says yes, I will decide how hungry I am. Sonia thinks I’ll feed Kunal with my hands. I’m sorry.

Kunal says to try to control yourself. He gets a video call. Vandana sees the food on his lip and cleans it with her saree. He thanks Vandana. He goes. Mrunal thanked Bobby for taking care of her. He says chill, I’m glad you’re focusing on your career. I respect you. You’ve motivated me, I respect you, and you’re nice. He says thanks, and he will let me know when your work is finished.

He claps and says wow, Mrunal. Sonia dances in her room in anger, recalling Kunal and her moments. She says Kunal is her, I miss you Kunal. Vaibhav insults Mrunal for trapping Bobby. Bobby asks him to back off. Vaibhav says Mrunal is clever, and she will ruin you. Mrunal says I truly loved you, and you trapped me,

It was Vandana and her family who helped me, otherwise I would have been on the road. I feel accused falsely, so leave me if you don’t wish to marry me. He says the same pinch: live and let live. Bobby scolds him. Vaibhav scolds him. Mrunal says he won’t marry Mrunal, this isn’t my baby, and Bobby shouts. He says he won’t marry Mrunal, and this isn’t my baby. Mrunal says let’s go, and I don’t need to talk to Vaibhav. Bobby and Mrunal leave.

I was looking for your mom’s necklace. Don’t worry, I’ll find it soon. Sonia comes out of the washroom wearing a bathrobe. Kunal turns away. Sonia says sorry, my bathroom shower wasn’t working. Vandana watches.


Mrunal refuses to marry Mahesh. Vandana gets Vaani’s necklace from Anagha’s room.

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