Jhanak 7th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Defends Jhanak Amid Family Drama

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Anirudh says fine, he can be your boyfriend, but the truth is, he just thought of himself; if he loved you, he would have stood by you, and if he became your husband, he would be on the hit list. It’s nonsense, you think a girl can’t live without her husband or boyfriend, she asks.

Yes, but you’ve told everybody you’re married, so I had no choice but to answer them. He says go, and it’s time for everyone to wake up. I’ll think of a plan. She says she doesn’t have time. He says I know, go now, don’t waste your time. Tanuja says this is Anirudh’s room, so why do you come here? She leaves.

Jhanak says I had some work to do. Tanuja says you were in his room the whole night. Shubh comes. Jhanak says ask your son if that’s true. Bipasha comes. Tanuja tells everything. Anirudh defends Jhanak. In his argument with them, Anirudh shows the letter and says Jhanak came to my room to give me this letter before leaving the house. Shubh reads it. Tanuja says you want to escape Sindoor Rasm. Anirudh says her husband will come, don’t worry. Shubh thinks you should have let her go.

So why would I get her? I did this for a reason, and she cannot leave here. Bipasha asks why you don’t want her to go. Why can’t she return to her Maasi’s house? Anirudh replies that Kashmir is an unsafe place for Jhanak, and I did this for the sake of humanity. Jhanak leaves.

Anirudh finds Jhanak’s red saree in his cupboard. He puts it in a packet and goes to give it to her. He calls her out into the room. She comes in and closes the door. He asks how he can get out. She says you’re here. She checks the red saree. He says I didn’t throw it, and it’s rasam today. She says you are enjoying my plight, so I want to leave. He says no worries, the situation is under control. They argue.

He says I’ll go to the office now. She asks what you want. He says I want you to become independent. She asks if we’ll do this drama then. He says yes, you made a mistake telling them you were married. She says it was a marriage drama. He said he would handle the video call as she asked who would be on the video call. She cries and says she will be alone, but she does not know what to do. He says yes, why did you keep this safe?

She scolds him. He says I will be happy to see a happy and robust Jhanak, who I met in Kashmir. She says I want to go home. He says we don’t know what Tejas will do. She says you mean I’m a fool. I can vent my anger. He says you have another saree, which I gave in Laxmi puja. She wants to know why I would wear it. He says why, you’ll wear it someday. She asks how you know.

He says I gave you a saree, and you say you won’t wear it. She says I won’t. Rumi and Mimi call out Jhanak. Anirudh asks whether you locked the door. Jhanak says no and locks it quickly. They ask Jhanak to open the door. She asks Anirudh to do something. She says she will just come, and I am getting ready.

The entire family will come here if you don’t open the door. She asks if he is sure. He says yes. He hides behind the curtain. She opens the door. Rumi and Mimi come in and ask her to come. Mimi asks about her red saree.

Taking it, Jhanak says Dadi asked me to wear it. Rumi says it will carry memories of her husband. Rumi teases Jhanak. Anirudh hears them. They laugh and say she is getting shy. Jhanak thinks we should go now. She follows them. Anirudh leaves the room.

Kaka says yes. Tejas asks if the news is certain. Tejas says fine. Wait for my call. I’ll tell you what to do. He says Jhanak is in Kolkata at Anirudh’s house. I’ll bring her back or bury her there. In her red saree, Jhanak gets ready.


Arshi says Jhanak’s husband isn’t showing his face. Shrishti says Anirudh’s hand also has a similar band.

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