Jhanak 24th November 2023 Written Episode | Urvashi’s Concerns Revealed!

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The episode begins with Vinayak’s defense of Jhanak and Urvashi. Shrishti then interrupts, expressing her frustration towards Jhanak. She accuses Urvashi of grooming Jhanak for this situation. On the other hand, Nani proclaims that she’ll handle them in her own manner. Arshi, wishing Jhanak luck, departs from the scene. Shrishti questions Jhanak’s presence there, to which Arshi encourages her to continue dancing. Jhanak subsequently descends from the stage and receives blessings from Brij, who smiles warmly and blesses her. Meanwhile, Urvashi anxiously awaits at home.

Tejas confesses his love for Jhanak and expresses his determination to marry her. However, the man present brings up Jhanak’s mother being defamed. Tejas brushes off the concern, claiming that he is more notorious than her mother, but vows to persuade her to secure a future with Arya’s daughter. As Jhanak captivates the audience with her performance on the “Bumroo” song, Rushali compliments her talent, followed by Brij comparing her to Urvashi, while Anirudh notices her injured feet. The judges also become aware of this, and everyone applauds for Jhanak. Arshi and Bipasha express their surprise at Jhanak’s dancing skills and confidently predict her winning the competition. Anirudh and others join in praising Jhanak’s performance.

Arshi expresses her gratitude to Anirudh for making this opportunity possible. He humbly deflects the credit to Anirudh. Jhanak’s remarkable performance, despite her injury, garners praise from Anirudh, who believes she will only continue to improve once she is healed. However, Arshi reminds them that Jhanak must make an effort if she genuinely wants to change her life and avoid repeating the current situation. Urvashi adds that Jhanak could have avoided such a predicament had she stayed home. Still, Radha points out that everyone seems more focused on scolding Jhanak than understanding her struggles. Urvashi reveals her true motive for opposing Jhanak’s participation, and Brij halts Jhanak’s performance on stage.

We saw your foot bleeding, how did you get hurt. Jhanak says an accident happened. The lady says you might have much pain. Jhanak says not at all, when I dance I am free. Everyone cheers. Shrishti believes Arshi performed better than Jhanak. Jhanak goes. Rahul says Jhanak will win. She performed well despite the pain, answering those who insulted her. Vinayak says Jhanak has talent in her blood. Shrishti believes that Jhanak cannot be equal to Arshi or me. Vinayak believes talent cannot be hidden. Shrishti argues.

Radha consoles Urvashi as she blames herself for the stained reputation and expresses her desire for Jhanak to marry a good man and leave. Meanwhile, Tejas compliments Jhanak’s performance and offers to help her showcase her talents, but she declines his offer. Tejas then sets his sights on marrying Jhanak instead. Urvashi sadly wonders if her lousy luck prevents Jhanak from finding a suitable match. Radha inquires about the person who betrayed Urvashi.

Anirudh says we should call Jhanak to participate in the cultural meet. Arshi says I got the invite, it will be crossing the lines, you are thinking of calling Jhanak to another city, which will cause problems for the family. He says everyone will know about it. She says it’s not our job to show her the world, and the work ends here; we’re getting married; we should concentrate on that. She leaves.

Bharat takes notice of Jhanak and teases her while Arshi expresses gratitude towards her. Recognizing her talent, Arshi compliments Jhanak’s outstanding performance, while Anirudh advises her to see a doctor due to the risk of infection. Jhanak dismisses his concern, attributing it to the pressure on her feet during dancing. As a fellow dancer, Arshi understands the toll it can take on one’s body and assures Jhanak of her support. She apologized for not acknowledging his contribution earlier and thanked him and Arshi for their hard work. However, Jhanak declines to get medical attention as she doesn’t want to keep her mother waiting for the news. They suggest talking to her mother and advising Jhanak to rest to ease her worries. Acting on their advice, she leaves for home.

She says I am fine, I am not angry with me, why? He says sorry if you felt terrible. She says think and speak next time, it is my family, I know how to deal with them, end this Jhanak issue here. She leaves. Rahul and his friends praise Jhanak. Jhanak repeats friends. He says when did we separate, I don’t know who called Tejas here. Jhanak says he sent food for me. I fed it to the dog, and I don’t fear anyone except my mum.

Bharat says it’s a great idea. We’ll go to the hotel and invite Brij to Arya’s wedding. Shrishti is called on stage to announce the winner. She checks the card. She announces the winners. She says there is a tie-in winner, and I feel proud to announce Arshi Mukherjee as the first winner. She asks the man to announce the other name. The anchor asks how. He answers: Jhanak Raina is the joint winner. Everyone claps for Jhanak.


Arshi and Jhanak compete in a dance face-off. Tejas says he likes Jhanak and wants to marry her, which shocks Bharat.

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